Monday, 14 October 2013

Dream a little dream of ... theaters.

I had a dream last night I bought an older, large movie theater. You know the type, one of the "old school" type ones that only had 2 screens that occasionally have a balcony (this one, as far as I can recall did not - at least not in the "main theater"). The "main theater" room was MASSIVE for a movie theater...I'd guess 600 seats or more (complete with a very heavy red velvet curtain with gold brocade) stadium balcony. The second much smaller theater (100 seats at most) was long and narrower, with a rich royal blue velvet curtain (with the same gold brocade). I don't remember looking up or behind me in the second, smaller theater so there very well could have been a balcony that I didn't see.

The front foyer and main lobby was very ornate....lots of marble and art deco-y in style. The paint was very bright, theatrical and bordering on almost gaudy. It was a bright baby pink with a stark white trim and black carpet with a golden metal runner. Very art deco colours, but very over the top. It was great. Everything you'd want in a theatrical theater. You know? I actually want to say that the lobby in my dream was modeled after a theater in my hometown, but I can't be sure on that. I have a vague recollection of the theater colour palate but it may have not been the same.

I remember that I dreampt that there was a major mall that was built around this theater that I bought. The theater itself had sat back down this alleyway off a main street. Everything around the theater was demolished and this large mall was built around it. The first 10 feet or so of the front of the theater building was inside the mall, jutted out so even the front facade wasn't removed...everything about the theater was left in tact. Even the brickwork at the front with the marquee majestically hanging out as well. 
An older theater in my hometown (since demolished) similar to the one in my dream (on a slightly smaller scale).

The theater; while it mainly showed movies; also had a stage that could house live theater, orchestras, bands and in the past had staged vaudeville acts as well. I remember walking through this MASSIVE theater with my friends Deena, Suzi and Maya We were waiting for other friends of ours to arrive as well. I THINK I had managed (somehow) to pursuade Duran Duran to perform at my opening, it was a private function and no one knew about it, like it was supposed to be a surprise...but I'm not 100% on that. I think I had told my friends that they thought they were just coming to see the theater I'd bought and be there for my grand opening. The thing is...I don't remember ever SEEING Duran in my dream, I just remember thinking to myself "I can't believe I've pulled this off without anyone knowing that they're coming!".

I also remember there were these kids (probably 20 or so) sitting in the theater (kids probably between the ages of 6 and 8 or so) watching Bugs Bunny cartoons on the big screen while we were walking through looking around. The house lights weren't completely down, just down enough not to be a distraction to the cartoon watching. In retrospect, I want to say it was something like Beaver and Brownie troops or something like that sitting watching the cartoons. I think I had hosted some sort of "Welcome to the theater/Welcome to the community" come watch Saturday morning cartoons for these children.

Sadly, I woke up before the rest of my friends could arrive or the guys. I remember looking up at this massively wide stage at one point (the curtains were completely pulled back and you could see the brick back of the wall behind the screen). And I remember thinking to myself that Simon had a LOT of space to roam and cover during the show.

It's not the first time I've dreampt of owning a theater. And quite likely won't be the last. Who knows, maybe I've owned one in a past life or maybe someday I'll own one. Who knows...

One Last Glimpse,