Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Glamazon: Reloaded

The gas bar glamazon is back! Yes dear readers...that's right, it's time for another installment. It's been a while since we...ya know... listened to me whine about my work, so I figure it's about time. Grab a bevvy, pop yer feets up and we'll have a chitty chat.

Ready? Well let's begin...

Ahhh work. The place where often I elevate my boredom by writing. A place where idiots congregate and get their gas. A place where, while I shouldn't be surprised at this stage in the game how stupid most people are, sometimes a few can sneak on past me and still shock me.

My boss has taken over another site, and so she's extra busy lately... which is fine. She asked me if I would be willing to take on more shifts (also fine). But yesterday and today, stupidity has run rampant. I'm not sure if it's something in the air, water, lack of sunshine, lack of heat or someone has been swimming in the shallow end of the gene pool again. But holy, crickey the stupid questions.... and sheer stupidity of people boggle the mind.

People asking for example if we take cash (because that's all we have). I felt like saying 'No, they've banned us from taking cash'. Seriously? Does this even deserve or require an answer??? OF COURSE we take cash. Oh and “I heard the price of gas was going up XXX.” Now...had you people stopped and LISTENED to the actual news cast you were watching/listening to... you would have heard that it wasn't happening HERE but in TORONTO. But no, like the idiot you decided to panic and rush to your nearest (my) gas station and fill up/top up because you (and the other fools like you) didn't take that half second pause and actually listen to what you were being told. You just heard “gas prices going up” and that was enough for you. Newsflash idiot, it's not going up tomorrow at all. Dumbass.

And FYI, that outside lane is STILL pay at the pump it was 6 months ago (and longer than that)...and likely still will be six months from now. So, you cursing and swearing and being a total tool about “how it wasn't that way the last time you were in” isn't going to change that. It was like that the last time you were in. You're just a dick. It's okay, you can admit it. I've known it for some time now.

Some people I get are real sweethearts though. No, seriously! I know I bitch a lot about the dumbasses. And there are significantly more dumbasses than customers I actually like (unfortunately). And I'm ALWAYS (save once or twice...or six or seven times) very courteous and polite, even when the customer doesn't deserve it. But I often find that my favorite customers come in at just the right time, which is probably why I have stayed as long as I have...that, and of course...the fact that my boss is awesome. I think if she weren't as great as she is, I would have likely left eons ago. 

One Last Glimpse,