Saturday, 26 January 2013

TV Mania - Bored with Prozac and the Internet

It's artsy, it's fartsy, it's high glam, high heeled, high gloss, lip gloss and an acid trip enigma all rolled into one - and I haven't even heard the album yet.

I'm speaking of @TVManiaMusic on Twitter. In case you have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about, TVMania is a side project from members of Duran Duran comprised of Warren Cuccurullo (former guitarist for Duran) and Nick Rhodes. Their concept album "Bored with Prozac and the Internet" drops March 11th after locating some thought lost tapes and a long (LONG) gestation period (18 years).

 Bored with Prozac and the Internet - Album Cover Art
A few weeks ago the @tvmaniamusic handle was broadcast by Duran Duran and of course, like others - I followed. Curious to see what would be Tweeted that could not be handled by @duranduran and more over who would be doing the Tweeting.

Earlier this week the @tvmaniamusic handle went "live" and tweets started pouring out. And of course then the questions began "Who was behind the Tweets"? In my opinion, it is Nick behind the controls (affectionately referred to as "The Controller" within Duran Duran) doing the Tweeting. As much as he said he would never get on Twitter (unless he could find a way to make it an artistic way to express himself, as opposed to the way most of us use Twitter) - the turns of phrase and the artistry - all scream the venerable, Nick Rhodes.

Lord Rhodes and Captain Cuccurullo

I personally am intregued by the tweets thus far and look froward to getting the album when it is released in March. Do I understand what all of the Tweets are supposed to mean? Some yes - they speak to me on a personal level. Others? No - and I would never pretend to 'get' all of them. But who says I have to? Who says you're SUPPOSED to? Why can't a Tweet just be a Tweet? Why does it have to have meaning? Does art have to have a meaning?? No. Sometimes it's just art.

On a personal note: I know many others are saying "I don't get it" or "the tweets are too weird" and have started taking pot shots and making fun of Nick (or whomever is behind the Tweets for TvMania). That's fine if you don't get/enjoy them - you don't have to. Keep in mind, WHOEVER is behind these tweets however, would never condescend to make fun of your tweets; especially not to your 'face'; about the way you have chosen to express yourself or you as a person, the way some people have. Grow up.

I'm looking forward to hearing this album, I'm sure it will be a departure from Duran even though it is within the same family. Maybe I'll like it, maybe I won't, but in either case I look forward to it.

Track List:
  1. "What About God?"
  2. "Euphoria"
  3. "Beautiful Clothes"
  4. "You’re Dreaming Pal"
  5. "Paramount"
  6. "What’s In The Future?"
  7. "I Wanna Make Films"
  8. "Yoghurt and Fake Tan"
  9. "Grab The Sun"
  10. "Using A Hidden Camera - Eyes In The Sky"
  11. "People Know Your Name"

One Last Glimpse,


Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Winds of change that blow in my direction

I'm sitting here listening to a two hour Duran special on Total Radio UK and currently "Save a Prayer" is playing. I've always liked this song, appreciated it. It's got a FANTASTIC mystical synth melody and of course it's ever present counter-part tune thrumming along in the bass line (equally as amazing). But today, for whatever reason - I'm feeling a little melancholy as I listen to this song. It's never made me cry, never made me feel sad as I know it has many others. Today...the music in general is ebbing it's way into my essence just that little bit more than normal.

I find I'm emotional lately. Twitchy. Perhaps it's the weather, or the time of year -- I'm eager for the winter to go away, but honestly -- I don't think so. I think it's got more to it than that. More substance. Could there actually be some sort of cosmic shift that has occurred? I know I'm not the only person who is saying and thinking the exact same thing I am, is it possible? Is it some sort of cosmic Revolution? A time to rise up and take a stand? For what? A new way of life? A new destiny? A new beginning? An end to the unsettled, unstable world? A new dawn beginning, a time for change, thought, love and direction on a peaceful level. It's a great thought.

VIVE LA REVOLUTION and VIVE LA RESISTANCE says I if that's the case. Enjoy life, AND LEARN...there's a wealth of knowledge out there to learn, to know, to see. You could amaze yourself with the knowledge you could uncover and things you could learn. As I understand it we only use 10% of our brains on average folks. TEN. PERCENT. These people who whine and mew and carry on about how they're 'stupid' or they 'can't learn anything'. No, you're not stupid. The only stupid thing about you is that you're impeding yourself from learning something. You're lazy. You don't want to learn, so you won't learn.

I know this post is all over the map. I know it's chaotic and it started off with the Duran special, but this is my thought patterns lately. All over and chaotic. Half the time I can't even keep up. But, if you've made it this far...if you take anything away from this post, I hope it's a peaceful journey for you into this new year and seemingly new era. Follow your dreams, take a chance, learn something new. You'll never know where life will take you and who you may meet or become by taking a chance.

One Last Glimpse,


Saturday, 19 January 2013

Childhood memories...

When I was 5, my parents divorced...I have a fairly recollection of it, but have no real sob-fest story to tell outside of the fact that I remember clearly the day my Dad left. (Although we have NEVER spoken of it). Although I don't remember my parents having any big rows or anything. Just that one day my Dad was there, the next was up for sale, my Dad moved out and so did we...without my Dad. At that point, no reason was given - later when one was given, it was always 'we just didn't get along anymore'. No one sold anyone out, no one back-stabbed the other, it was all very amicable as far as my sister and I knew, even if it wasn't.

My parents had belonged to a local choral group that later broke off into a separate faction. My Dad quit the choral group but my Mother continued with it. Usually a few times a year they would put together a 'Showcase' and either perform a musical OR various songs/skits. It comprised of about 50 or so people who were, for a few years of my life, more like an extended family.

We had our Aunt Brenda and Uncle Ken who were like an actual Aunt and Uncle - I never thought of them any different. My Mother had babysat for them when they had first come over from Britain when my Mom was a teen, and even to this day we are quite close with their family.

We had my Mom's friend Anne, who I always thought of kind of like Bette Midler. She is a larger than life woman who I always thought was just awe inspiring and even now I think she is possibly one of the most beautiful women I have ever met.

All these people while my world was in a state of transition as a child helped smooth that over so that my sister and I (or my Mom) were never at a lack for anything. And I am eternally grateful for that.

I can remember going to rehearsals with my Mom and while the cast were rehearsing, my sister and I would usually play with the other kids who had come with their parents. There were a few people who my Mom had become quite friendly and close with that I called my Aunt Linda and Uncle Malc(olm). They were a childless married couple who adored my sister and I. My Aunt Linda was a lovely British woman whom I adored dearly, she was always friendly and smiling. I remember the first time I ever had my hair curled (Not that it needed it -- I had very curly hair as a child) was by my Aunt Linda. I think she did it more to humor me than anything else but I remember she did it none the less.

Then, there was my Uncle Malc. I can see and admit it now, I had a crush on him. But honestly; aside from that; I thought the sun rose and set on this man. And to be honest, I'd like to think he thought the same about me. We had a bond, no doubt about it. We were thick as thieves the two of us, where you saw me, you saw my Uncle Malc. He was a large, burly man with a Scottish accent thick as anything. He had jet black hair and a mustache and beard to match and handsome as all get out.

For the better part of two, maybe even three years were spent within the safety and love of my Aunt Linda and Uncle Malc. Almost everyday going to their house, we practically lived there.  And I loved it.

At one point, there was an unfortunate falling out between my Mother, and my Uncle Malc. He had done something (I won't get into what - that's not what this entry is about) that shattered the friendship and that was it... I haven't seen him since. I was devastated.

Occasionally on nights like tonight I go searching for Uncle Malc (I know where my Aunt Linda is -- she is no longer with Uncle Malc and hasn't been for years). I just want to see a picture, to make sure he's know? I Googled him, and Facebooked him this evening (he's not on Facebook as far as I could see) -- I am relieved to say he's still alive. Not that I expected he'd be dead, but lets face never know. I'd love to, at some point in my life see him again, even if from a distance to see if I recognize him still... I'd like to think I would and that he would know and remember me... but I don't know that for sure.

I think, out of all of the people who have come and gone from my life outside of one other (that are still alive), he is the only other person who could set me to tears just by seeing his face. And I'd really like to someday, just to let him know... even though the friendship between my Mother and he was shattered, I never forgot him, and never ever felt like he betrayed me by going away.

One Last Glimpse,


Thursday, 17 January 2013

First Gasbar Glamazon post of 2013: A glimmering ray of hope for humanity?! NOT!

First Gasbar Glamazon post of 2013! Well, I made it to mid-January without a moron report. I won't go so far as to say there's hope for humanity yet... but maybe? Possibly? Naahhh, people are still morons. (You didn't really think I had hope for these people did you??)

Typical gas bar bullshit with the outside pay at the pump only lane. Card in card out, get on the PA and explain SLOWLY exactly how to do it. People sill being fucking idiots. But today may be one for the record books.

This lady pulls up to pump 8 in her little 1984 Chevy Chevette, decked to the nines in heels, a fur coat, jewelery you name it - with redneck teeth or tooth as the case may be. She tries umpteen times to get her card to take out at the pumps, no joy. She comes inside huffs and sighs while she has to wait in line - at this point I know this one is going to be just a real winner.

She gets to the counter and slams her card down and demands I tell her why her card  is being declined out at the pumps. I tell her I don't know why but we can try to do a prepay inside since she's already here. (Keep in mind I'm busy and have been since the moment I got here this afternoon). I try to put her card through. EIGHT TIMES. Each time...declined. She is RAGING at this point.

We don't see WHY the card is declined on our screen - just that it has been. If it's a bank card the customer screen will say INSF FUNDS but just DECLINED for credit cards. She asks to use the phone to call Mastercard. I give her the phone and she calls. While she is on the phone - THE COPS SHOW UP. It seems that the brainiac had reported her card STOLEN and had a note on the account for Mastercard to phone the police should there be an attempt on someone using the card.

So there they were in their donut eating, Barney Miller, Return to Mayberry glory in the middle of this shit show. The cops sort out that she hadn't recieved her new card yet, and had forgotten to call Mastercard back when she found it in her wallet so they could remove the note off her account.

So fine and dandy, the police leave and she goes to prepay for her gas so she can just get the hell out of dodge. And PULLS OUT THE SAME CREDIT CARD, realizes what she's done (I didn't say a WORD) grabs ANOTHER card and STILL gives ME attitude like this is all my fault somehow. Apparently it's my fault she is a total moron.

It's busy. Gas is a decent price, I get it. But why does it have to bring out the morons??

One Last Glimpse,


Tuesday, 15 January 2013


Hello Lovelies! Have you missed me?!! I know, I've missed you too. I hope each of you had a brilliant and fantastic Christmas/New Year or whatever holiday you may celebrate (if any). And are ready to rip the shit out of the new year!!

It's 2013 already, and midway through the first month. Can you believe it??? My Christmas was quite possibly the BEST one I have had in years. I was relaxed, calm, and not anxious and nervous at all - which was completely foreign but it was sheer bliss. My New Years was quiet, and spent in bed. No, it wasn't romantic...I was sick, and so was hubby. Kinda sucked actually.

HOWEVER, my youngest daughter got me the most wonderful spa day as a gift with her and my older daughter as a Christmas gift, so that was absolute heaven.

I've learned my Dad reads my blog entries from time to time (Hi Dad, if you're reading this one!!) so that's exciting. I've told my Dad that I'm writing a book, which was NERVE WRACKING. It's kind of like telling your Dad your pregnant or you know been arrested for possession. It is nerve wracking - you don't want your Dad to think (or anyone for that matter) that you're completely out to lunch, but you want them to be happy for you too. I think he is happy for me and knows what I'm getting into. We will see. I think it's going well...

Lots of exciting, anticipatory things on the horizon for me this year I think. I've got lots of good mojo brewing and feel really positive about the direction my life and writing is going. If ONLY I could get the hell out of this townhouse complex and move into my new house. But soon enough that will come and I will be excited about that.

Yes, I'm looking to move. A pain in the ass, but what a joy it is to find that 'perfect' house. I'm just in the starting stages of this planned move...figuring out what I'm looking for, where we want to be located, what we can afford, etc, etc. But I know the house of my dreams (for now) is out there, and we'll get something we really like. I would (honestly) rather stay where I am than settle for something that is "alright" and that I really am not in love or 'obsessed with' to use a more popular turn of phrase.

As I said before, I'm really breezing along in my writing, which to be honest is why I've been so woefully neglectful of you my dear readers, I do hope you will forgive but trust me when I say the ends will (hopefully) justify the means. But, only time will tell. I'd love to say I'll be done the first draft of my first book sometime this year -- but we'll see. That may be a little preemptive and early to say.

What else can I tell you? I've been spinning a lot of vinyl lately here at home. As I've said before I LOVE the crackle that comes over the speakers when the needle hits the vinyl. Sheer. Bliss. I gave Alan a bunch of albums for Christmas, and received a couple myself. Frickin' awesome.

 If you're looking for an awesome review of concerts, albums, and just general fucking kick ass music...check out . These ladies are fantastic. You can find them on Twitter: @tattoosguyliner or on Facebook: . And yes...that was a plug...but won't be disappointed. Check them out.

Hrmmm what else...Oh yes... Duran is back in the studio come March...but chances are, you already know that. I don't expect we'll see them on tour this year, but who knows...stranger things have happened. I could only wish I guess. But hey, at least I'll have something to look forward to in 2014 right?

A girl's gotta have goals.

One Last Glimpse,