Friday, 5 December 2014

Work, work,'s a gas, gas, gas

I'm at work. It is busy tonight. Gas is finally almost under a dollar a litre and it's Christmas Time to boot. So of is BUSY. People are rammy and rude. Short tempered and ignorant. Brain dead stupid. The following happened this evening. I watched it happen. But was so dumbstruck by what I witnessed, I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

A lady (a regular) out on the farthest pump lifted the nozzle and instered it into her tank. Before I could get on the intercom, she realized it was pay at the pump, I thought she had forgotten the card in the car and watched her go to the drivers side. I stopped watching at that moment and served a customer inside. Then I realized a moment later, she was about to pull away, that she wasn't searching in her car for a card and watched her pull away....yanking the still attached hose OUT OF THE PUMP.

It snapped at the emergency knuckle, hit the pump with a loud bang, hit the ground, bounced and wigged around hitting the back of her car -- and then dragged behind her while she parked. She then came in, clearly pissed off with herself, clerly embarassed (she did just do the walk of shame past seven other customers as well as myself, all who had witnessed her stupidity) asking me what I wanted done with the hose. My first thought of course "Bend over sweetheart" never left my lips I'm proud to say... instead I mumbled "Just put it back for now". She took an out of order back with her. Did the walk of shame back to the pump, placing everything back in it's place (almost) and walked away.

I couldn't help but laugh. Even if I hadn't witnessed it myself and someone told me about it, I still would have laughed. It's almost like a scene out of some comedy movie come to life. I feel badly for the lady, I'm sure she felt like a moron. But I couldn't help but laugh just the same.

One Last Glimpse,