Tuesday, 31 July 2012

When it rains, it pours...

I'm working unexpectedly today. I was supposed to have yesterday and today off but due to real life rearing it's sometimes tragic and ugly head, my boss and her eldest daughter needed today off. If for nothing else and for no other reason but to regroup and collect their thoughts. She's had a shitty week thus far and due to an unforeseen tragic situation which manifested last night, it was all but the icing on the cake, so I agreed to work.

I'm texting with my boss just now and it's sad when you're having that shitty of a point in your life when ANY sort of normalcy is welcomed. People always seem to tip-toe around you when tragedy strikes. It becomes annoying and yet we repeatedly treat others with kid gloves at times like this.

She had asked me to do something for her here at work and my response was "of course" instead of my usual joking "NO!". She texted me quickly and said "Really...you can still argue with me. Don't like it when you're agreeable. ;)" Smart ass.

I love my boss.

One Last Glimpse,


Saturday, 28 July 2012

Final gigs, Hyde Park and The Perils of Platform Wedges

On September 1st, Duran Duran plays their final gig for the "All You Need is Now" tour. It's been almost 2 years, umpteen cities, a really hard, long haul for the guys with a difficult, disappointing and near tragic  beginning. I'm pleased and proud to say I'm going to this final gig. It's like seeing them across the finish line of a very long and arduous race. It's a smaller venue than the one I saw them in in October on Simon's birthday. Maximum capacity for this venue is 5000 people, at the Air Canada Centre in October, there was probably twice that. It's got the capacity to be one hell of a party, but the intimacy to be a very special night. I look forward to sharing this evening with my husband; who has not only never been to a Duran concert, but also never been to a concert EVER; and my friend Rachel; my Duranie partner in crime, who came with me in October to celebrate Simon's birthday in Toronto.

But yesterday was the opening of the Olympics in London. What a fantastic day. I only saw part of the opening ceremonies last night after work and it wasn't until this morning that I even got to see the Hyde Park gig that Duran played. Donned in a Union Jack jacket Simon had them eating out of his hand from the get go by the looks of things and Duran rocked the SHIT out of that park. From the footage I have seen, it was PHENOMENAL. No one could argue that Duran didn't honestly deserve to be there. And I think that whomever had the misfortune of going on AFTER Duran had a tough act to follow.

Rachel had asked me yesterday morning what I was doing for the day. Sadly it was another day of work at ye olde gas bar, so no fun to be had for me. She was wanting to go do some shopping, and I unfortunately could not oblige. I suggested to her that if perhaps she wanted to go today (I'm off) we could go hang out. I could do some window shopping, while she did some actual shopping. She's one of my nearest and dearest so either way it was win win. 

I told you all of that, to tell you this:

I picked Rachel up at just after 11. I had bought some new platform wedges for the final gig and have been sporting them around the house to break them in, and today I decided to wear them out for the first time. Just to give them a bit of a test drive ya know? They're likely the highest heel I've ever worn (I think they're about 4.5 inches or maybe even 5 inches) but are quite comfortable. 

She said she'd like to go to Masonville Mall, and I obliged and drove us there while we chit chatted all the way. We parked, got out of the car and had just mentioned about how I was working them in because the last thing I wanted to do was to go ass over tit at the Duran concert and go sprawling to the floor in front of John fucking Taylor. She laughed and said that John likely would help me up being the good guy that he is.

Like any good surreal, comedic story I'll preface what I'm about to say with:

"So there we were.." walking into the mall, we held the door for a woman who was walking with a cane through the first set of doors, who, in turn held the door (until I grabbed it from her) for us. When I grabbed the door, my toe jutted between the crosses of the leather straps on my shoes and the tip of my shoe shifted forward, got caught under the door and I went sprawling backward to the floor narrowly missing a bank of pay phones against the wall behind me. 

The woman with the cane came back, and offered me help up. By this time, I've now stared in amazement at the underside of the phone base (By the way if you want a number for a good time...I know it) wondering how I didn't hit it, realized I wasn't hurt and have sat upright laughing hysterically. My friend Rachel however for whatever reason thought I was playing her up and joking around at first. Then when she saw how nearly close I came to hitting the phone base, she almost had a stroke. I just kept laughing because to me, I felt like such an ass, such an idiot, wondered how the HELL I had managed to fall as I had and there I sat. Not to mention the fact we had JUST talked about me going ass over tit. Once Rachel had calmed her nerves, we were amused that this woman with a cane had come back and offered her assistance and yet these other people had just casually kept walking past. 

My Mom used to say to me "Honestly Kendra, dress you up...can't take you anywhere!" Same shit different day  Ma, same shit...different day.

One Last Glimpse,


Thursday, 26 July 2012

Gas Bar Glamazon: Losing my mind

Today was day 2 of a 4 day stretch at work. Normally I don't work 4 days in a row but we have a co-worker away this week (thank DOG...I'll be sad to see her return to be honest) so I'm working 4 days in a row. Which is fine! BUT! For some reason only known to the lunatics that frequent my gas station it was  INSANE here today. Seriously the looney toons were EVERYWHERE! And not just nuts jobs but fashion nightmares! Honestly! I'm certain Alexander McQueen is somewhere SPINNING.

I had one gentleman come in wearing what I can only ASSUME were his wife's capri's. The senario in my head is that they were in DIRE need of ciggies and chips so he decided he'd go while she did ALL the rest of the laundry in the house because they had no other clean clothes. FYI dudette, floral print pants flatter NO ONE.

I had one elderly woman who is a regular at my store, she came in to pay for her gas and get her cigarettes. It wasn't until she went to leave that I noticed she was wearing hospital scrub bottoms. Now...anyone who knows surgical scrub bottoms know that they tie up at the side (or the old green ones do)...if they don't fit you perfectly they'd leave a big gaping hole. Which these did...and the woman wasn't wearing any underwear yo! I can't UNSEE this shit people!!! Once it's out there and I've seen it...no amount of mental floss will fix that!! What has been seen...CANNOT be unseen!!! Please for the children's sake...and mine...remember this! Becuase you know exactly what I'm going to visualize the next time I see this woman. Like I said...I can't UNSEE this stuff.

Oh then there was the older man with the canoe strapped to the top of his sedan who kept doing donuts in the parking lot. No, that's not a euphemism...he honestly had a canoe strapped to his roof and was doing donuts in the parking lot. The white sport socks with the shorts and sandals just added to the sex appeal of this prize winner. The only way it could have been hotter would have been if he had been wearing black dress socks. Hubba hubba.

I had some young kid come in this afternoon bitching about one of the pumps. he said it was too slow and chuggy and all this crap. So he told me to tell the manager. I'm like okay, no biggie (keep in mind that no one else had bitched about this pump all day). Fast forward almost 8 hours later, said fuckernut returns. Same car, more gas...guess which pump this brain trust went to? You guessed it! Moron. (FYI there was NOTHING wrong with the pump except the person using it).

I don't know where these nut jobs are coming from including the woman (just in as I was writing this) in her flannel housecoat, Pop Tart polar fleece jammie bottoms, hair every which way...apparently she was compelled to get gas after she'd already been in bed? I dunno.

The more I work here the more I feel like I'm on some bad acid trip...only, I've never done acid. Maybe if I had, or did all this would make some days working here make much more sense.

One Last Glimpse,


PS. This is NOT to say I don't have some sane and wonderful people frequent my store. I have some LOVELY regulars who come in that I adore! But boy HOWDY do I get some nutters!

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Coming clean with my obsession

Yes, I'm obsessed. No, this blog entry isn't about my obsession with a certain British bassist (Hey, it's as much to my surprise as it is to yours!). But it is about something I'm obsessed with.

It didn't become blatantly obvious to me until my sister's wedding a few years ago. We were told what colour to buy, but that was about it. The style was up to us...we were the ones that had to wear them after all. As all my sisters bridal party were scattered across Canada this made things much easier. She gave us all the colour, the rest was on us. Little did I know what she had unleashed in me or what I was about to unleash upon myself. Perhaps my husband, family and friends all already knew, but as it goes with these sorts of things...I was the last to know.

I...am a shoe addict.

I'd kill myself wearing these but they're GORGEOUS.

I'm not meaning something as mundane as running shoes, or slippers. I could care less about either of those. Perhaps if I was a runner, then I'd care...but I'm not...so I don't. But I'll get looking at dress shoes or casual shoes...dude something inside me snaps and I lose my freakin mind!!!! I become Imelda frakkin Marcos.

I'm not talking anything sexual or kinky. I don't masturbate with my shoes or have sexual fantasies about them (hey don't laugh I know it's likely out there!!). I just like the style, texture and fabrics of the shoes. I enjoy looking at shoe websites where you can look at all angles of the shoes. With the more intricate shoes you have to wonder what the designer was thinking at the time that they designed them! Some of them are way out there! I mean you'd have no where to ever where them, no occasion or reason to - but the artistry in them (and that's exactly what it is) is amazing and occasionally breathtaking!!! It's exquisite!

I mean look at these! They're gorgeous. The silver, the artistry... is that real metal???? They're awesome! I'd have never an occasion to wear them, they're certainly NOT something you'd wear to Friday night at the movies...but they're so cool none the less! Gorgeous!!

I just love these. Nothing to wear with them, but I love them none the less.

That's not to say I have a lot of shoes. I don't. I think I have maybe (including runners and winter boots) probably 7 or 8 pair. Now most women I know that is nothing. NOTHING by comparison. Shoes could easily become a serious serious purchasing addiction if I let it. But they have to be pretty as well as functional. 

My friend Rachel introduced me to platform shoes. I will never wear anything but them when it comes to formal shoes. They are so beyond comfortable I honestly don't know how or why I ever wore anything but! I know they look hella uncomfortable but even my eldest daughter who DOESN'T wear heels of ANY sort put on my new cork wedge platforms and said that they were relatively comfortable. 

I'm very critical about the shoes I like. My hair could look like shit, and I may not have a stitch of make up on for weeks...but if I've got cool shoes...I'm alright. Does that make me shallow?

Crocks. WHY? 

You will never...EVER see me in a pair of crocks And if you do...shoot me. PLEASE. I know some people SWEAR by them...I am not one of them. If you are one of the people who owns a pair...I'm sorry...we can no longer be friends. LOL KIDDING!!! 

I want these. 

Yes okay, so I'm obsessed with all things British. Okay no, scratch that. I'm mostly obsessed with a 6'2 British bassist. But that doesn't make these Union Jack shoes any less cool. I mean come on...LOOK at them! 

And then there are these....These are the newest shoes (in a long string) that I'm in love with. *SIGH*

So many shoes....so little time. I think I'm going to need a bigger closet.

One Last Glimpse,


Sunday, 22 July 2012

Let the fun begin! NOT!

If you don't want to hear about women's 'monthly bills' and the like...this post is not for you.

I got my period a few days ago, and I'm always bloaty. Like I'm talkin' majorly bloaty. To the point where my ankles (which of course bloat as well) hurt to bend them, THAT bloaty. And usually I get bitchy too. Not MAJORLY; although that has known to happen. But bitchy enough. Add that to me not drinking pop now (Friday was day 2 of no pop for this Coke/Pepsi junkie)...well "let the fun begin".

Yesterday was the worst day I have had in a very long time. I woke up with a headache, nothing major...but I was bitchy. Like I said I had my period; fine whatever; but this was BEYOND that. Alan suggested we go for a nice lunch just the two of us before he took me to work. Fine and dandy. THEN he told me my work clothes weren't dry so we'd have to come back. And while I didn't flip my noodle inwardly I was OUTRAGED that we'd have to come back. OUTRAGED. FURIOUS. Like seriously??? I'm looking back on it and even at the time I was like WTF am I so mad for?? But at the time I was FURIOUS. We went for lunch at Swiss Chalet which took forever...and it wasn't just me, it DID actually take forever. Which is unusual for this restaurant, but only precipitated my anger. I made it to work on time in the end but I was furious. And of course my headache was worse.

I got to work in a foul mood, took some Tylenol and Tylenol sinus because where the headache had started and where it was at the time I took the medication I wasn't sure if it was a sinus headache or a regular one. It had moved. So I wasn't sure. To be safe, I took one of each and kept it at bay for the rest of my shift. When I went to leave work, it had gotten worse but I thought perhaps it was because I hadn't eaten dinner yet. I ate dinner, and sat at my computer for a while. I still wasn't feeling 100% and it progressively got worse. So I went to bed around 1am.

I woke up at about 3:40am thinking I was going to DIE. It felt like someone had a bullet in their hand and was trying to press it right between my eyes and was being quasi successful in their attempt. I felt nauseous, hot and even though I had a large fan blowing on me felt no relief. Alan got me a drink and a cold cloth and if I sat very still...the pain would subside temporarily. I honestly thought that I was dying I was in so much pain. Thankfully around 5-5:30 it lightened up enough for me to be able to lay back down and go to sleep. I have never ever experienced such excruciating pain like that in my life. Honestly and truthfully I think it was because I'm detoxing off the soda-pop. The headache, the anger earlier on in the day...I think it's from the sugar and caffeine. I think it was the withdrawal. Whatever the case, it was brutal. I felt fantastic today and had a great day.

I'm proud of myself for now being 3 days soda free. I think that the tough part is almost behind me. I think if I can go a week, I'll be golden. Thanks for your support guys it means more than you know.

In conclusion...don't do Coke....or Pepsi. Even if John does prefer it. ;)

One Last Glimpse,


Thursday, 19 July 2012

Time to cut the fat

A dear friend posed this question to a group of us yesterday: "Question for marketing research. If you could have your ideal weight, what would that be worth to you?" . I'll be honest our responses originally were beat around the bushy. And then...one of my best friends in an emotional, frank and honest response opened the flood gates with her response.And it was on. I followed suit with an equally emotional and frank response that I'm going to share with you here. (I have (this one time) removed the names of the people involved in this conversation SIMPLY because I haven't asked their permission to put them...and while normally I would just put their names out there, this is a sensitive subject for a woman and I don't think that it's my right to do so.) So here was my response to the question posed:

It's always easier when you don't have others relying on you. I think my biggest worry is I'll start losing weight and either a) something will happen and I'll lose my way from working out or b) I won't stick with it and Alan will be disapointed in me. I think that b) is likely my bigger fear of the two. But I think (if I'm being honest, which lets be frank here...I always try to be as bluntly truthful as I can on this blog) he's disappointed with me for not doing anything at all. So I think I'm on the same road as you...sick and tired of being sick and tired of the same bullshit.

I know you have always had a low opinion of yourself ******. And it kills me to see that because you're gorgeous. And so am I dammit! I THINK I've gotten better at admitting that. And actually MEANING it. I'm totally on board for doing a support group thing if you need and I think we've got a damn good base here since we're all being so brutally honest. I'm sitting here and while I'm THRILLED I've gone down in my size; unbeknownst to me until I tried a pair of pants on yesterday; I've got miles to go, but I'm willing to take it slow and steady to get to where I need to. It's not like we're 20 anymore and we can go at the pace we did back then. I'm 41 and to say that I'm WAY overweight is an understatement (Since we ARE being honest here...the last time I was weighed at the doctor I was (And I've NEVER shared this openly before my dear readers!!!!) I was OVER 350lbs....THREE FIFTY.) I was embarrassed and mortified. And while I don't think I've broken the 300 mark...YET...in the loss department...I'm looking forward to getting down there. It's time. I'm due. And you're right ****** you're worth it and it is something you can do for yourself. And so can I.

I know my husband is going to love me no matter what size I am, I know he's going to find me desirable and all that. but it's not healthy for me, it's not good and I want to live until I'm 90 with Alan like my Grandparents did with each other.

It's time to MAKE the time, kick some ass, take some names and drop the bullshit, excuses and most importantly the weight.

PS. ***** I'm pretty damn sure you weren't expecting this to turn into a confessional when you asked this question. Love you for it though. xoxo

And so my dear readers my journey begins. THANK YOU ***** for asking this question. You have profoundly changed my life. THANK YOU. Love you girl. xoxoxo It's time and I'm ready for this change. It's a good change, a positive step and I'm excited. I've not felt that way before when I've been at this precipice. I'm not scared to look down over the edge this time. I'm thinking as I'm standing here on the edge of "What is GOING to be" thinking "This is going to be a wild ride! I'm not doing this because I HAVE to. Because the doctor has ORDERED me to or because Alan will leave me if I don't (AS IF!!!!) I'm doing this for ME. Much like Twitter was a recent confessional and support group for someone to quit smoking, this will be mine. Here I go kids. Time to jump. 1, 2, 3..."

One Last Glimpse,


PS And just in case you're wondering...This morning I did 50 step ups and 20 stair push ups. This evening, my husband and I are going to go for a slow, leisurely walk. It's not much...but it's a start.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Of Tickets and Shoes...

So, my husband bought me tickets to go see Duran Duran's FINAL show of the All you Need is Now tour in Orillia. But not only did he buy ONE ticket...he bought THREE tickets. So here I am, freaking the hell out. He and I already had made plans to go together...and of course; I asked my Duran partner in crime who I started this journey with when we were 13 years old; Rachel to go. I was thrilled when she said she was able to join us. 

But then the always constant, ever-present question of "What the fuck am I going to wear"? comes into play. I mean it's Duran, it's a concert, and I CAN'T POSSIBLY wear the SAME thing as I wore in October!! What if they recognize me???!!! (as if!) But seriously....WHAT THE FUCK AM I GOING TO WEAR????!!! That question was answered in part a few days ago in the form of a pair of shoes. THESE shoes in fact...I saw them in a store called 'Winners' and I was smitten!!! After sleeping on it for a few days, I went back this morning and purchased said shoes.

Okay, so I had shoes. Which in my personal opinion is ALWAYS a good starting place. You can build a GREAT outfit around a pair of shoes, and can be a major inspiration as to the direction of the entire ensemble. And they ARE comfy believe it or not. And super light!! I was in love. I knew I'd likely end up wearing jeans or something close there to it with them; which I already have; so I was good there as well! It's not that I didn't WANT a new pair of pants (I actually tried some on this morning!) I just didn't feel I NEEDED them. Not right now anyway. I may change my mind, but we'll see.

Next I needed a top....This came in the form of a trip to one of my favorite local stores called "Penningtons". Penningtons is a plus sized chain store (much like Lane Bryant to my American friends). I tried on a couple pairs of pants but as well a few tops. ALL of which either looked like hell...with the exception of two. One wasn't bad on and I liked it. The other...I LOVED and thought for SURE it would look like hell on me. MUCH to my surprise it looked GREAT on. I was SHOCKED.

I was REALLY starting to feel this whole concert outfit coming together!! GO ME!! So aside from a mani/pedi the day before the show I think I'm good to go! Unless of course I see a cute pair of pants that I just can't pass up! ;) We'll see.

One Last Glimpse....

PS. Dear Duran Gods/Muses... if it's not TOO much can you please leave GoF and SaP IN the set list for those of us who have yet to hear it live? (Apart from the Arena album or various other CD/youtube clips) I know it would be too much to ask for The Chauffeur to be there too...but it would be nice. Amen. xoxo

PPS. On August 2nd of 2011 was the announcement of my FIRST EVER Duran show for October of last year (Simon's birthday). I wrote a blog entry then...and it's funny as I read back through it I had a lot of similar feelings resurface when my husband informed me he'd bought the tickets for THIS show. I'd like to share with you now what I wrote back then:

"I have tried to write this blog about 5 times now and each time I couldn't get out what I wanted to say exactly. And I'm not sure entirely that I got it right this time. One of my #duransistas put her book editor hat on and suggested to me that I just write down words/phrases of how I felt at that moment to perhaps help me with capturing that time. These are the words that I have written:

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Birthday wishes

My eldest daughter turns 21 today...

Jessica Kristen Aaron Campbell was born in Masset, British Columbia. Masset is a remote village on the Queen Charlotte Islands in northern Canada. It is mainly fishermen or natives (first nation personages of the Haida Gwai tribe) or both. Once upon a time there was also a military base there (it has since closed) and Jessy was one of the only children born at CFS Masset.

She was over a week late (originally due on June 29th) and decided in true form (just like she has every day since her birth) that she wasn't quite ready to come out then and came out when she was damn good and ready to. (Obstinate little cuss!)

My parents, sister and her husband all flew out to see us (and her) but due to her late arrival, the only one who was still around to meet her were my parents. Alas the day I FINALLY went into labour my sister and Richard had to fly back to Ottawa.

My Mother was an obstetrical nurse by trade, and was in the delivery room with Alan, my doctor and the nurses however when Jessy was actually born she was such a novelty the nursing staff whisked her away to the makeshift "nursery" to get her APGAR scores, weight and measurements done - they left Dr. Adsic without anyone to help him with me. I recall (in my heavily medicated state) the doctor turning to my Mom asking her if she'd assist him (he knew she was an OB nurse). She said that she wasn't scrubbed...but what did he need. 

A few days after that they were showing me how to bathe Jessy (I already had had our son, but apparently I had forgotten how to bathe a child). I will never forget the nurse had her laying on her stomach facing away. At 2 days old, Jessy lifted her head and turned to look towards my Mom and I. I thought my Mom was going to have the big one right there. Of course her ability to do this; by my Mom's proclamation; made Jessy a genius! (Truth be told I think she was just nosy...she couldn't stand that we were talking behind her and she couldn't see what was going on! HAHA!)

Jessy's a good girl. Bright, talented, funny, quick witted. She's the very best of both her Father and I, and I love her to pieces.

Happy 21st Birthday "little shit" my sweet Pooka Poo. I love you. 

One Last Glimpse,


Saturday, 7 July 2012

The Lost City of Atlantis

And now it's time once again for something completely different...
(Time to get a little culture around this joint!)

Atlantis. The word conjures up a very specific image in my head. It always has when I think about it, I'm not sure why. Buildings, surroundings, people. Very detailed and very specific. The word itself seems otherworldly and ethereal to me. A word to be spoken in hushed tones, as if sacred. Full of mystery and intrigue.

A lot of people I think don't believe in Atlantis, I think they feel it's a fairy tale or a myth. A lot of people I think would like to believe in it, but try to be 'practical' or 'logical' about it and really aren't sure what it could mean if they ever found it. Then, there are those people who absolutely believe in the Lost City of Atlantis and think, if ever found, would probably be one of the most, if not the most significant find in archaeological history. (That would be the category where I fall into).

Personally, I'm a believer. I find the idea of Atlantis fascinating much like the stories of the pyramids. There are many theories out there that the Atlantians were a far more advanced civilization, some believe they were more advanced on a theological, technical, and metaphysical level. Some believe, that they (as a people) could fly, teleport and communicate telepathically...I'm fairly certain that's not the case, but what do I know?

I've also read that the Buddhist beliefs were born in Atlantis. That they were a peaceful, Buddhist community but corruption being what it is, it wormed and wheedled it's way into the minds of some of the Atlantians and as a people they destroyed themselves from the inside out. They attempted to find a higher plain of coexistence, but in the end they did themselves in. I've also read an extreme theory that says we are the Atlantians, and Earth is Atlantis....Atlantis is a planet, not a continent. And for millions of years we have raged war against two factions of humanity one who strives for that higher plain of existence and the others that don't.

For those who believe in Atlantis as a continent/city, there seems to be some discrepancy as to where they think it is. Some believe it's off the coast of Greece and Turkey buried under the water, some believe it's in the Bermuda Triangle -- hence the disturbances there, and some believe it's in the Great Lakes somewhere (I actually had a dream one night about that one before I knew anything about THAT theory).

I think there is so much out there about our own world that is left unanswered. Rumors of  a fantastic library under The Sphinx waiting to be discovered, lost cities and complete civilizations. I mean we're only now learning that there are actual full bodies to the heads on Easter Island. What else is there to discover about this wondrous planet of ours??

I don't know if we will ever find Atlantis (assuming of course, that the believers are right and it actually does exist); personally I don't think we will find it until we are ready to learn exactly what Atlantis was and what occurred there; as odd as that sounds.  It's one of those fantastic, amazingly intriguing mysteries that makes our past so fascinating.

One Last Glimpse,


Thursday, 5 July 2012

Just Another Day in Paradise

Today was such bullshit day. I worked, and at around 2pm they started announcing on the radio that gas was going up 4cents, but not permanently...only for a day or two. Later, when I asked the boss Why it did that...she sardonically replied that some CEO must need bail money to bail his "princess" out and keep it out of the press. I thought maybe said CEO owed hookers some money. - We laughed.

It was hot out today. Hotter than hot, the kind of hot that even if you're outside for 2 minutes you begin to sweat...and then your little beads of sweat have beads of sweat. The kind of hot that once you've been in the air conditioning for a while, you step outside and it takes your breath away. People in the news have been baking cookies on the dashboards of their cars...get the picture?

When it's hot as it has been, that's when I find the assholes come out. People lose their mind, all sense of logic dribbles out their ears and people have no manners whatsoever. I get that it's hot out people but seriously...what the hell is wrong with you?

And it's not like I had it any better, our air conditioning at work was not playing nice. Now, I'm not sure if it's my one co-worker just being a putz and not knowing how to work it properly, getting her grubby fingers on the controls and fucking it up for everyone or if it is seriously in need of servicing or what. In either case, I walked in there and it was 72 degrees (that's 22 to those who don't know Fahrenheit). Which normally you're thinking, that's not too bad. But add to that a door that keeps getting open and closed every 30 seconds so ANY cool that is in the store gets let out, and any humidity from outside gets let in. Not to mention the heat that comes off the coolers, icy machine and computers. Not. Fun.

But the temperature went up from there, it went so high as to push 80 (26.6) and with the sun beating down on me (with no where to go or to escape it) it was not a good scene, so now I'm getting bitchy too. Not good. Let's just say some one who decided to give me a little too much attitude than I like, not only got it in spades in return, but also was given a rather reprimanding "look" from yours truly. Yes Rach...one of THOSE looks. 

I'm off tomorrow and the biggest plan I have is to get out of bed and get dressed. 


One Last Glimpse,