Thursday, 29 December 2011

No shit Sherlock

There's something electrifying about some performers. From the moment they hit the stage or screen they captivate you and draw you in until nothing else exists except for you and the realm they draw you in to. They're enigmatic, irresistible, completely captivating and usually very sensual and rich in both personality and being.

Quite often performers such as these are capable in multiple arenas (although not always is this true) some are specifically special at just one gift but all always look very good at doing whatever it is that they are doing. Very good indeed.

You might think; after reading these opening paragraphs that I was; of course, speaking of Duran Duran. Although this time, I can assure you I am not. This time I am speaking of the incomparable Robert Downey Jr.

On Tuesday I had the joy of going to the movies (I love going to "the show" as my Mom used to call it). I went to see "Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows" with the aforementioned as well as Jude Law as the ever studious and pragmatic Dr. Watson.

Having thoroughly enjoyed the first movie I was very excited to see what awaited me in the sequel. I avoided (as I tend to) as many spoilers and trailers as I could for this movie. I knew that the character of James Moriarty was more forefront in this movie but aside from that I knew nothing.

The movie has lovely cinematography as well as some great CGI. The costuming is spectacular and the action sequences are amazing. As almost all Robert Downey Jr. movies this one did not disappoint. He is truly a renaissance man who can do it all. He is completely electrifying and has a je ne sais quoi about him. Of course the connection and energy between Downey Jr. and Law ranges from compassionate to comedic. You can truly tell these two care about each other off the screen as well as on.

Law plays the "straight man" to a "t" and no one can quite play manic like Downey Jr. (Lone exception perhaps being Johnny Depp, but even then it would be a tight race in my humble opinion).

If you enjoyed the charm and lure of the first Sherlock Holmes movie you won't be disappointed with the second. And of course as always, Downey Jr. could both charm the pants off a nun and sit on a chair saying and doing nothing and I think he would be brilliant.

Mind you...I feel the same way about a certain band as well.

One Last Glimpse,


Thursday, 22 December 2011

Random thoughts vrs 1.0

I know I said that my last blog entry might be my last before Christmas but this kinda grabbed me and I thought I'd blog about it.

Someone just tweeted that they wondered if this was Duran's "Farewell" tour (JUST their personal random thoughts this person had, this is not rumor NOR is it fact). However it seemed...odd to me (personally I don't think that it is) BUT...I'd like to give my thoughts on that. Let me start by saying that if it IS their farewell tour, at least I can say that I got to see them. First, foremost, and hands down. No regrets. HOWEVER...

Let me explain moreover why I DON'T think that this is their "Farewell" tour.

I honestly think that Duran have a connection with their fans now more than ever and there is a mutual respect there. I think, had that been the case, that they would have said "This is our Farewell tour" not because I think they owe that much to us (which I do) but I don't think John would be able to keep something like that quiet for THIS long. (Sorry M'Lord Tweetleaks - Love you though!)

I think there was a massive scare when Simon lost his voice, the future was unknown for all of them. But I think with this 'second chance' that they've been given they know well enough not to fuck with what they've got. They know enough to do the BEST they can do and that they too are fallible. They're not these omnipotent beings that are untouchable and they'd better take care of themselves.

ANYONE who has watched them closely in interviews, read the tweets, watched them on stage this time around...this is the most fun I think that they've had in YEARS. Everyone is sober, everyone is healthy, everyone is clean and in a positive place. They're supportive, they genuinely care for each other. They hang out OUTSIDE of work. Dom tweeted he was at Simon's house the other night to watch a football match and for dinner. If you don't give two shits about someone you certainly don't do that.

And to be 100% honest, had ANY tour been the "Farewell" tour, it would have been Astronaut/Reunion tour. I mean really...go out with the original five members. But they didn't.

Let's not even mention the fact what a massive success the "All you need is Now" album has been not to mention the "G1RL PAN1C!" video film (which currently stands at 4,766,489 viewers in one month's time). I personally think they'll finish up this world tour, take some time off and always...go back into the studio. Which will probably take a year to complete - during which time John will release his book and we'll be back to where we are or were not 3 months ago embarking on another tour. These are just my thoughts though.

I mean it's possible perhaps I'm deluding myself into this comfy, cushy thought process because I don't want to think about the ride being over quite yet. And it's certainly been a ride for these last 29 years...but I don't "wanna get off" and  truthfully I don't want them to "slow down the roundabout" yet. But then again I don't think I have to worry about that, I suspect there's a few more spins left to go round.

One Last Glimpse,


Wednesday, 21 December 2011

2011: A year of dreams, desires and disasters

Another new year is approaching which has caused me to reflect on 2011. It's had it's definite ups, absolute catastrophic downs and on occasion from one end of the spectrum to the opposite within hours of each other. I have made some amazing lasting friendships; life altering ones; that I'm glad I did. It's been quite sometime since I really let go and let people in the way I have. And honestly, it's been far more rewarding than I anticipated or fathomed. So thank you. You are a blessing, a treat and it's really been an honour to get to know you. Thank you. xoxo

I have had brief, multiple contacts with people I have idolized since I was a young teen. People who have; know it or not, like it or not; have helped shape me into who I am today. I can never thank them or repay them enough...congratulations it's partially your fault that I'm the warped and twisted individual I am today! Awesome! Of course I'm kidding...mostly. Suffice to say I am thankful and blessed for their time, energy, and interactions.

2011 was a great year for so many reasons...I got my life long dream of having a bass guitar, which honestly I love more than words can ever express. It's a part of me, an extension of me and I love my husband dearly for making my dream a reality. I don't play it as often as I would love to what with work, life, etc but when I pick that instrument up...I slip into another world and I love it. It's something I can get lost in and every time I play it I feel like I'm accomplishing something.

I had the experience of a lifetime of finally getting to see Duran Duran in concert with one of my dearest friends ever, and sharing it (in a round about way) with others who have become increasingly important and integral in my life. And for that I am thankful. Truthfully, the good this year has outweighed the bad. Mind you, the bad was horrendously tragic, however I have wonderful family and extended family who have supported and loved and listened to me. So thank you...thank you...thank you. You are exceptional, exquisite and amazing people who I am truly blessed to have surrounding me. Thank you for your support, your love, your opinions...I truly treasure these relationships, friendships and sisterships/brotherhoods we have created. 

I'm looking forward to Christmas this year; I usually do, it's my favorite holiday; despite the noticeable absence of my nephew Bradley. We had the Kirkey Christmas party on Saturday, and no one mentioned him. Although my sister in law Megan (Brad's Mom) brought Sierra (Brad's girlfriend) her Mom and her little sister with them. Which was totally fine. I think she needed that and I think Sierra did too.

My sister in law Maureen gave me a photo of myself, her, Mary and Megan that was taken at last year's Christmas party in this lovely glass "Sisters" frame. Just above Maureen's head is a hand doing the "bunny ears" or "peace sign" attached to an arm that stretches out of the photo. I said to Maureen "Is that Brad's hand?" She smiled and said "Yea..." with a sad smile. I love that picture. It's not only a great photo of the 4 of us, but it's one last "photo bomb" from Brad. (Something he was known for). I love that she took the time to find it, print it out and go get the frame to put it in. 

We're going to church Christmas Eve. As you all WELL know, I'm not a religious churchy type person. However Alan's Grandmother goes, she's getting up in years and hasn't been well. Not to mention Megan said she was going and I truly think she needs all the support she can get. And since the big guy and I have had a chat and he promises not to turn me into a pillar of salt or sending a stray lightening bolt for crossing the threshold of a church since I'm going for support,  I'm going. Besides it's just the Christmas Story, some singing and then cookies and punch in the basement. If I can't handle THAT for the sake of family...then I'm a real asshole...and since I'm pretty sure I'm NOT...

Anyway, while I'm pretty sure this won't be my final blog entry for may be my final one before Christmas. So on that note I wish you a very, very Merry Christmas...or Happy Christmas as the Brit's say (Which quite frankly, I've always kind of liked!). Or whatever holiday you may celebrate!!! May you all have a wonderful day (or days/nights), get lots of great pressies and make some wonderful memories.

Much love from me to you.

One Last Glimpse,


***A special thanks to @Semibold for the photos of Nick and Rog...You are the bomb lady!!

Friday, 16 December 2011

Random writing: "Vampiric Embrace"

Random writing while at work this evening, enjoy! 

He was watching her again from the shadows, as he often did. Her skin was luminescent, her eyes of the purest ice blue, her hair long and flowing. A raven shade with a tinge of blue in the right light. She was captivating to all around her. Exquisite, other-worldly. Perfect.

He dragged his tongue along his elongated canine. He growled under his breath as a pang of lust filled hunger struck him. And he was hungry, starving in fact. He felt a stirring inside himself when he looked at her. And it was not the first time. He clicked his tongue once more against his tooth and shrunk further into the shadows.

He stepped out of the club and into the night. The air was crisp and it had been snowing again. He put his head down, thrust his hands into his pockets and began to trudge throw the snow. He looked up to see where he was going sporadically, and occasionally to look at passers by. But aside from that he did his best to shut out the world.

"You left so quickly Seamus...didn't even say good-night." she was perched on the bench as he approached, "That was rude...don'tcha think?" she turned her ice blue gaze to him. He faltered in step, stumbling to a stop in front of her. She stood up within inches of him and licked her lips.

"You...startled me Morghan." he managed

She cut him off "Are you certain you want to venture down this path Seamus?" she said breathlessly as she twirled his long dark locks between her perfectly manicured fingers. She cocked her head to one side. He was striking. Tall, sleek, sexy...but no self confidence. She could fix that.

He opened his mouth to speak, quickly she put her finger to his lips, slowly shaking her head staring into his dark chocolate eyes. A smile crossed her lips as she stared at him, his mouth still agape. He was captivated, mesmerized and under her spell. Had she told him to bark like a dog he would have. Gladly. She inhaled deeply, capturing his scent in her nostrils. She once again smiled as she closed her eyes.

"Seamus...I like you..." she said giddily "So, I'm going to give you a chance..." she said turning her back to him.

"A chance?" he replied softly, "to what?"

Slowly she turned around to face him, her blue eyes shone as bright as the moon. "To run..." she said simply revealing her fanged smile.

One Last Glimpse,


Wednesday, 14 December 2011

What the feck did I smoke before bed last night??

Okay, let me preface this by saying it has been many, many moons since I smoked ANYTHING (legal or not). I took some medication last night before bed however and I don't know if it had anything to do with my dream or not. I'll say not as it makes the following story much more interesting and also...I've had bizarre dreams such as this WITHOUT taking medication in the past. Which disturbs me a smidgen...but anyway...

I had this dream I was on this boat...we're talking full on Titanic-esque cruise ship. It seemed like everyone I ever knew, or knew of...was on this ship. And I do mean E_V_E_R_Y_O_N_E. At one point we're dressed in these costumes (1800's wear) and Me and someone or someones (I want to say I was with 2 or maybe 3 other people but I don't know who) go running up to Alan who is talking to the Captain. He's speaking to him in a semi-casual sort of manner but also as if he is the first mate but on leave or something. ANYWAY we go running up and I look at the Captain COMPLETELY bewildered because I *THINK* it was someone like Nick Rhodes who COMPLETELY LOATHES boats/sailing and gets violently seasick (I don't know that it WASN'T Nick Rhodes -- but I don't know that it WAS either). Anyway I'm looking at the Captain and I'm totally confused as to why THIS person is our Captain knowing how they feel about boats and sailing. At this point now things have shifted and we're in normal clothing and out of the costumes we had had on.

It's daytime and we're heading at a decent clip, I want to say we're in the English Channel but honestly I'm not sure (I've never BEEN IN the English Channel so I wouldn't know the English Channel if it walked up and slapped me in the face, I'm just telling you what I know!) Anyway!! But for WHATEVER reasons we're sailing straight for Nazi warships (keep in mind as far as *I* recall we're in modern times this was not a period piece dream aside from the costumes we were wearing earlier, so where the hell the Nazi's come from is BEYOND me). We explain to the Captain and Alan that we're heading towards these Nazi warships and perhaps we should steer clear of them. I remember they had these BIIIIG huge ass swastikas on the steam funnels. I don't recall being scared as I figure I WOULD be; considering...I just recall thinking UGH really?? Nazi's??  And I remember saying "If we get in their way they're gonna be pissed off and the last thing we need are screaming, angry Germans on our hands having little Nazi temper tantrums". LMAO  I know we steered clear of them, but I don't know if they saw us or if anything happened after that but ya...there you have it.

Like I said...what the FECK did I smoke before bed last night?

One Last Glimpse,


Monday, 12 December 2011

Oh the weather outside is... EFFING COLD

I wish it would just snow...but be warm. I know that's a total contradictory idealism since it needs to be cold TO snow...but ugh - I hate the cold. I don't mind the snow. I like the snow where you can wander around in jeans and a sweatshirt and a scarf and a pair of gloves...and you're fine. I cannot stand this weather where your nipples are SO hard that they could not only cut through glass but also through just about anything else, including a diamond. Do men have this problem? If so...why don't they ever speak of it? Are they too busy ogling our breasts and nipples to care? These there the things I want to know about.

I'm working tomorrow, off Tuesday and Wednesday, work Thursday and Friday off Saturday and Sunday. Saturday is going to be a busy one. Saturday afternoon is Alan's mother's side of the family's Christmas party. It's a 2 hour function and is generally pretty painless, and is actually being held about 200feet from my house. Saturday evening is a party at my friend Nat's house, her yearly Christmas soiree which I'm certain will be another fun filled evening! I'm very excited! I have a new outfit for the occasion and everything!

Tomorrow morning I am going to go and purchase one of those Christmas know the kind. The one you are SO excited to see the person's face when they open it that you can barely stand it and you haven't even bought the gift yet. You see...Neil Diamond is coming to my sister and I were raised on the Holy Jewish Trinity as I have made mention before. Neil Diamond was a big hit at my Dad's place. In June he will be here in my city. I am going tomorrow to go buy tickets for myself, my sister and my Dad to go together to see him. But if you see my Dad...act like you don't know anything! He is going to be completely blown away and I am so excited!! It's just one of those gifts you know?

Speaking of my sister it's her birthday tomorrow (today - the 12th)...I didn't get to see her like I'd hoped but I'll see her at Christmas at my Dad's so it's all good. She'll get her gift then. Anyway, it's now 1:46am and I need to go to bed. I have to be up and downtown by 10am tomorrow to get those tickets!!! I'll post tomorrow and let you all know how it went!

One Last Glimpse,


Sunday, 11 December 2011

Playing catch up: What day of Christmas are we on?

Ok so when last I left you...It was snowing (didn't amount to much except a dusting), Lexi's birthday was approaching (it's today). We had a great family dinner out at this lovely Japanese/Korean restaurant we go to sometimes...had a huge ass feast of sushi and various other foods and a wonderful ice-cream cake that was decorated by the store but that we added to (She wanted a Harry Potter cake but no one has the rights or licenses to make them so we bought some Harry Potter stuff and added them here at home! LEGO Harry and Hagrid! with some writing on the cake by yours truly ala Hagrid in the first movie "Happee Birthdae Lexi" and night of decorating the tree - which still needs lights) and all was well. She got an Adam Lambert CD and the final book in her Eragon series that she has been DYING for. She was one happy camper!!!

All is still well, although this week has been...weird...

My friend; whom I have blogged about before (the one that I'm currently not speaking with); I re-found on twitter...and while he hasn't tweeted in just over a month, I'm oddly compelled to send him a tweet...although I fear he'd either vanish again or block me. Perhaps it's because it's close to Christmas and I just want shit to be back the way it was because I'm feeling overwhelmingly sentimental. I'm not sure. But I do miss him. He had been on twitter (the whole reason why I started on twitter to begin with), and then when things went to shit he deleted facebook and twitter. Now he's back, and like I said while he hasn't tweeted in a little over a month, to know that he's there...makes me really miss the shit. He played a significant role in my high school years, if I want to admit it or not...and the fact that we're not talking now at all...bothers me. More than I like to admit. Even when we WEREN'T talking (before all this went down)...we could still touch base and say "hi, hey I'm here..." but now there's not even that. I mean I know he's out there, I know I'd hear if things went catastrophically wrong...but after this year, and Brad's death I don't want to wait until things go "catastrophically wrong". Because's too late and I can't say the things I want to say to him. I can't fix the things I want to fix, even if things don't go back the way they were...they can't stay like this forever. I know he's a stubborn son of a bitch, but I also know him well enough to know that he's thinking of me too. (And by "me" I mean our group of friends that he has cut himself off from).

I also found my first high school crush on facebook (the one I said reminded me of John). Upon stalking his profile (which is REALLY well hidden btw), he still looks good (imo) but looks NOTHING like John now. I mean I guess I can still see it when he REALLY does a full on toothy smile like John...but not nearly as much as he used to. He does look like someone famous though but I just cannot for the life of me figure out who...whom? (My dear personal editor... help a sister out! who or whom??) Anyway, the answer is no before you ask...I didn't send a friends request. His profile is hidden for a reason, if he wanted to be facebook friends...he knows my name, he could have easily found me (and could very well have looked me up already for all I know). But I have left it alone for now... I'm sure you're asking yourself "If his profile is so well hidden, how did you find it?"...By complete and total random fluke. I had looked for him a couple times on facebook and didn't find him. I knew he owned a salon in Toronto so I googled him (he is or was a hairdresser at one point, I THINK he owned or owns a salon with his wife) and followed a facebook link to another Salon and was like WTH he's on facebook?? So then I followed THAT link back to his profile and stalked his photos. Cute kids...twins...I think?? I dunno. He looks happy though...which makes me happy. He could  always be a bit of a self-absorbed egofuckstick of a tease, but not in a complete and total loathsome dick of a way. But he WAS a tease...good LORD. LMAO He was generally a nice guy, and at one point a good friend whom I really enjoyed spending time with...we had a lot of laughs, and even got a little 'wet and wild' together thanks to a certain someone...*cough* Rachel (which is one of my FAVORITE memories EVER...with ANYONE! -- Wonder if he remembers that night Rach? LMAO!!) In any event it was nice to get a look in to his life and see that he's happy.

I did NOT get to 'play the fucking bass K'; which has me a little cheesed; but it's okay I know I have time off Tuesday and Wednesday so I'm sure I'll get a round to it at that point or perhaps even tomorrow sometime. We'll see what can be the meanwhile....

One Last Glimpse,


Wednesday, 7 December 2011

On the fourth and fifth days of Christmas...

It's snowing this evening. I'm rather excited. I love snow...from around this time of year up until around the first week of January. Then it can go away. Alan loves snow, the more it snows the better he likes it. He's a sick bastard. Love him dearly...but he's a sick monkey none the less. And I mean that with the utmost love I can muster.

This coming weekend is Lexi's birthday. I have to get her cake ordered and situated, I have one more thing to pick up for her for her birthday (besides a card) and get it all wrapped up. She wants to go to dinner which is fine, I have no problem with that. It's expected and a-typical of what we do. However I also plan to put our Christmas tree up at some point. It's been far too long without having it set up and I can stands it no longer!
I need some twinkle lights before my head explodes!! Okay, not literally but you get the idea.

I need to take some time this week and play my bass. Even just 20 minutes, I've been woefully neglectful and my fingers feel it every time I pick the bass back up. I just need to be diligent and do it. I also need to transpose some of the story I've written into word so I can send it away for safe keeping.

So much to do this week so little time. Busy busy busy! I'm also going to look into tickets for my Dad for Neil Diamond. He's coming here to London in June. I would love to go with my Dad and Kristen. I think it would just be a real treat and a lot of fun. I mean really...Neil fucking Diamond. He's just one of the ones I was raised on that has a soft spot in my heart. The guy kicks serious ass. I mean, really. I was raised on Diamond, Manilow and Streisand. The Holy Jewish Trinity. I guess it will all depend on how much the tickets are in the end. I'm willing to pay an okay price for reasonable seats but I'm not about to put myself in the poor house for them.

In the meanwhile...Hava Tequila...or is that Hava Nagila?

One Last Glimpse,


Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Andy Taylor...

***I'm going to make's January28th, 2012 - about a month or more since I posted this blog entry. I'm actually going to re-read it and re-edit it where I feel necessary. I think I was a little angry perhaps when I wrote this, and my anger is misplaced.*** ~K

 Before I start this post, let me say I have no intention of bashing down Andy Taylor. My intent of this blog is to try to look at all sides objectively.

As I've said before...Andy Taylor (much like Warren Cuccurullo and Dom Brown) have etched his notch into Duran's history and legend. Andy is a wonderful guitarist who has made contributions to Duran Duran pretty much from it's inception or damn close to it. Yes, John played guitar before Andy came into play so he wasn't always Duran's guitarist however to be fair, Andy hasn't always been Duran's guitarist either. Warren has logged on the books more time than Andy has as Duran's guitarist. (Warren 12 years, Andy 11 years respectively).

I get the whole "Fab Five" reunited mentality. And quite frankly before all is said and done I think I wouldn't mind seeing them perform together 'one last time'...but in Simon's words "Things would have to change". Indeed they would. Having watched "Live from London" the footage is truly staggering. It's amazing to see the five together again, but on the flip side of the same's sad to see the varying degrees of the members onstage. You can see there are times where Simon tries to pull Andy's focus back in to what they're doing, and it seems like Andy is oblivious or maybe he just doesn't give a shit when he aimlessly wanders the stage. Or maybe that's just how he is. I dunno.

Now, I know guitarists are known for their eccentricity and occasionally alcohol or drug battles. I know they tend to parade around like their cocks are 2 foot long and they are king of everything. But honestly and truthfully having seen Dom play, as much as I would love to have seen the "Fab five" together...I think it would be a distraction for me to watch Andy perform. Does it mean I dislike Andy? No. I think some of his actions  he's done in the past on the guys are of quite the level of ultimate douchebaggery, but I don't hate the guy. I don't even KNOW the guy for fuck sakes. I only know what I have read and seen and heard. But I wasn't there, so I don't know exactly what has gone down in the past...nor would I want to even wager and harbor a guess. Truth is stranger than fiction and there is always two sides to every story. Usually somewhere in the middle is the truth.

I mean there IS talent there absolutely without a doubt. The cat can play. Quite frankly, I don't know if I could ever see another reunion between them. I think he's too set in his ways and them too much in theirs. Their just on totally different pages at this point, Duran is so in the right now, going full throttle and the I think Andy is plodding along, doing is own thing, making his own music. I don't think it's ever going to be salvageable relationship, and permanent reunion. I could see maybe a "one off" concert or something. But other than that...

And I feel for Dom ya know? People always rip on him for NOT being Andy. (Although I notice no one ever says that he's not Warren - woops!)  I mean the guy DOES an AMAZING job. He fits well but because he's not the original bail on your loyalty to the band and say how you wish Andy was back or that Warren was a better guitarist than either of them (this is stuff I've read folks! Don't shoot the messenger!). That's just...wrong. Good on ya Dom...if you ever (by some fluke) read this, I think it's about good God Dammed time Duran had a guitarist that wasn't off the rails somehow. Having said that, it's my understanding Andy had a heart attack within the last few years. I hope he's on the road to a healthy future and I hope Andy's new album Motherlode does really well and I wish him nothing but successes. But as for getting back with Duran? I doubt it would ever happen aside from perhaps a handful of shows or a "one off". Oh well. Only time will tell, but my money is banked on Mr. Brown instead of Mr. Taylor. Sorry Andy. xx

One Last Glimpse,


Sunday, 4 December 2011

Television Characters and Me

So, without giving spoilers away...Alan and I have certain shows we watch throughout the week. A lot of them we pvr and watch later due to my work schedule. Currently many of them are on their winter hiatuses and won't return until the New Year...One of the shows we watch we pvr'd this week. It is at a pivotal point in the story, and we are about 7 seasons in. I was late to the start but jumped in with the DVD's around season 3 got caught up and have been hooked ever since.

Last week's episode was a real cliffhanger, and truthfully I thought it was going to winter hiatus at that point. Then I found out that no, in fact it was on this week. So...eager to find out exactly what in the blue bell bottomed FUCK was going on, we pressed on and pvr'd it to watch today. Big mistake. Huge.

I have this habit of watching shows and becoming seriously emotionally attached to characters. I did it with Denny Duquette and George O'Malley in Grey's Anatomy, Col. Henry Blake in M*A*S*H the list goes on. ESPECIALLY in programs that I like, so because of this when someone gets ill, dies, or something tragic, sad, devastating happens to them...I am gooned.I get so emotionally invested in their well being and react just as I would if something happened to one of you.

Well, something happened in this character's realm that sent me reeling last week and continued into this week's episode. So much so it was at the point where at the end of the episode, not only is it only a BIGGER cliff hanger than the week before, but now I am in HYSTERICAL sobbing tears. I mean full on sobbing. And as I am known to do I turned to my husband, slapped him on the thigh, on the tummy or on the arm (lightly of course) and exclaimed those eight words he is all too familiar with..."WHY DO YOU MAKE ME WATCH THESE THINGS?!".

NOW...I have to wait until the new year to find out exactly what the hell...Damn tv shows making me an emotional basket case. Idjits.

One Last Glimpse,


Saturday, 3 December 2011

On the third day of Christmas...

So this morning after dropping off our eldest daughter to work, Alan and I drove out the other side of town to go and get our meat order from the farmer's market. We have two here in town and the last time he went to one of them (the one we DIDN'T go to today) it didn't go so well. Alan tends to be a little twitchy when it comes to places like that; due to his PTSD; but he said he was willing to give it a go so out we went.

The Trails End is a large long sectioned off farmers market. It has an area for produce, an area for furniture and an area where meat and pretty much everything else is sold. Alan and I were wandering through the last area when he said to me "Hey...what's upstairs?" I said "I dunno I've never been up there..." So we went up. And that's when I saw it. The vinyl. Like a tractor beam it pulled me in. I was helpless. I quickly pawed through the album covers laughing mockingly at some of them recalling them in my parents and grand-parents collections.

And that's when I saw a beacon out of the darkness. Arcadia - So Red The Rose. I grabbed it...then I saw Notorious and grabbed that too. Suddenly it wasn't as mockingly funny anymore and I became like a rabid hunter. Very territorial. No one could look through the records for sale until *I* was finished, even if they had wanted to!...A second copy of Arcadia came into my sights...I grabbed that so I could choose between the two and get the best copy. They were used after all, so it was plausible that one may be better than the other. I also saw an album by Nik Kershaw that I grabbed having loved Nik Kershaw back in the day.

Now...I don't have a record player anymore...and I'm really quite hoping that Santa doesn't disappoint me this year and gets me one...or I'm well and truly buggered. Wouldn't that be funny? ....Not so much. That fat and jolly man would be finding my fat foot up his fat arse and making a hasty trip down to the local Future Shop or hitting up post haste.

One Last Glimpse,


On the second day of Christmas...

Boys were in B'ham tonight. How exciting would THAT shit have been to see? I mean yes, okay you play Toronto on your birthday, you play LA to a bunch of famous people, you play Madison Square Garden... all epic dates in their own rights. But I mean...B'ham? Your HOMETOWN? Brilliant. I think out of all the places in the UK you could see them that would absolutely top my list, followed closely by London. I mean would just be such a brilliant energy and vibe. Ya know? A-mazing.

I'm off tomorrow and Sunday. Thank the Gods. I've got things I really want to do tomorrow once we get Jessy to work. I have to go do some groceries but also I need to get some of these Christmas gifts done. I hate leaving it to the last minute. It just annoys the crap out of me. I mean I know what I'm getting people (all except Alan). Not that I'm going batshit crazy but...I like to have it done.

I just ordered my first Christmas gift. Not for me...but for my eldest daughter. I know she'll love it...and I kinda am a little excited to have gotten it for her. I don't even know she knows it's out there. Tee hee! Yes...I do rock just that much thank you. That's exciting to me though ya know? Getting things for people that they don't expect. Or things for people who expect nothing. It's fun. And I love it.

And I'm writing. I'm writing great stuff. Or at least what *I* think is great stuff. I guess it's all subjective. I wrote a piece the other night that was just a random one off opener to a story that quite frankly... I think is great! I don't know that I'll use it for anything...but I think it's fanfuckingtastic. I let my husband read it just now and I think he was a little surprised that *I* wrote it...but not surprised. Confused? Yea me too.

It snowed a little today...which was so exciting. I just wish it had stayed. Here's hoping we have a White Christmas.

One Last Glimpse,


Friday, 2 December 2011

On the first day of Christmas...

It's 7:38 and it's snowing. It's Friday...I have to work tonight and I've committed myself to helping my youngest sister in law this morning (in about an hour) and I've had about 5 hours of sleep. Today is NOT going to be fun...but I'm sure I'll struggle through it. It's not something I begrudge Mary and I certainly wouldn't call her at this stage in the game and say I can't come help. Oh well, it's just one of those things.

I'm mentally working through a list in my head as to what I'm buying my crew for Christmas. I've got a general idea and thoughts out...except for Alan. I keep coming back to 2 things. One of which I CANNOT afford, the lame. LOL I'm sure I'll have what we call around here a "House epiphany" at some point (** A "House epiphany" is that moment in the television show of House M.D. where he figures out exactly what is wrong with the patient and gets this "look" about him).

My sister is coming down not this weekend but next for her birthday as well as Lexi's birthday (my youngest). Their birthday's fall a day apart. I'm super excited and looking forward to it. And I've found the perfect gift for my sister...if I can find it.

7:48 Bleh probably should go get dressed.... I don't want to, and yes...I'm stalling...but I did commit myself. Or is it that I should be committed? Awww hell now I'm going to have "I wanna be sedated" stuck in my head. Not because they're the same thing...but because they're similar...Oh shut up I'm not awake. LOL

One Last Glimpse,