Thursday, 20 September 2012

You wanna run that by me again?

I log into Facebook as I do pretty much everyday (multiple times a day in fact...hello I'm Kendra...I'm a social networking-aholic). And I begin reading what's going on in "Other Peoples Lives" (sorry). Ahem...ANYWAY...I stumble upon the speech that John gave at his former High School that he went to just the other day to visit. And in it I read the following:
"Now, in the spirit of full disclosure I need to make an admittance to all you music students: I cannot read or write music. And I was thrown out of my high school music class for singing out of tune."
 Wait, woah back the truck up a second here...CANNOT READ OR WRITE MUSIC??? Are you KIDDING ME?? I was completely gobsmacked and dumbfounded by this statement. It gave me the thought that not only does he must play by ear but he also seemingly reaffirms my thought that from the moment he picked up the bass, he was not only destined for greatness, but is (in my opinion) a prodigy in the sense he cannot read or write music...and yet can play...the way he does by instinct and by ear. That just blows my mind.
 Let's take for example their debut song "Planet Earth". That is one HELL of a melodic bass line for someone who doesn't read or write music. We won't even go into "Girls on Film". The mind just boggles.
I think my question after reading the line: "And I was thrown out of my high school music class for singing out of tune.". Would be..."Now Mr. Taylor...did you actually learn to sing later and actually sang out of tune at that point in time...OR did you do it on purpose as a lark, so you could spend more time loafing off teaching yourself to play guitar so you could become an icon and a pop superstar?".
In either case...the mind reels. I can only hope; whoever his music teacher was at the time; was still alive to see what he made of himself. And in the was John who has had the last laugh.
One Last Glimpse,

Tuesday, 18 September 2012


 Sorry kids...friendly ~K has taken a break for this entry and the nasty, bitchy, sarcastic ~K has taken her place.


Perhaps I'm in the minority here...but...I'll never ever understand why fans of various bands/actors/etc find the need to slam whichever person they are the fan of's boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband/significantother/fuckbuddy.  I get tired of the drama and the stupidity. I mean really, does it make you feel better in any capacity for saying the things you do? Will it get you any further in the day? Will it make him/her yours? The most no. No, it will not. I get the whole catty thing, I get the whole sit around and pick apart the woman the man you admire/lustafter/haveafantasyrelationshipwith is with. I'm a chick. I get it. But this goes to a whole different level. Seriously.

I mean come on...for the love of the GODS show a little decorum, tact and fucking class for fuck sakes. Do you really know this person? No. You only know what the rumor mill has churned out. Have you met this person? Perhaps. For more than 30 seconds? No. Not likely. Honestly, how would you feel being bombarded or harassed with questions by some random person, you don't even know...but likely wants some sort of contact with your significant other? Would you be skeptical, put off, or stand offish? I know I likely would be. 

The fact that some of these women have bodies to die for, the men you lust after (or in some cases even delude yourself into the fact that you're having or have had a relationship with these people), and a seemingly endless supply of money, clothes, and access to "your man" doesn't mean that that world is everything it's cracked up to be. Yes, fine...they've seen them naked. Had sex with them. Kissed them. Done all the naughty little fantasies you can only dream of. But they've also had to deal with their snoring, farting, underwear and socks left on the floor, and leaving the toilet seat up too.

A wise woman once told me "At the end of the day ladies and gents...EVERYBODY shits." That little factoid in place puts it into perspective. It doesn't make them any better, or worse than you or I. They're just people. And just because the women have what you want...doesn't make them a bad person. You don't know them...obviously if these people are with them and have been for more than 50 seconds...they find something in them attractive and worth loving.

Bottom line: Who the hell are you to judge? Would they EVER condescend to speak about your partner (assuming you have one) the way you speak about theirs?  The word you are searching for is an unequivocal and resounding NO they would not.

I dunno...maybe I was raised know...with morals.


One Last Glimpse,


Saturday, 15 September 2012

R.I.P. Adrienne

Please note this entry is an emotional one. There is language, adult content and of course my own personal opinion.

Assuming there is a heaven....a new angel unfurled her wings this week. My friend Jeff's younger sister Adrienne passed away the other night after a lengthy battle with cancer. I'm sorry but it wasn't God's will, and it certainly wasn't quick. It was painful and torturous for someone who certainly didn't deserve the anguish she went through. Was it God's will that these children not have a Mother to raise them? Where is the humanity or the will in that? If that's the idea this so called "gentle God" has in store. I want none of it.

Adrienne was a spirited elven pixie-like person. That's truly the only way I can think to describe her. Knowing her from the time I was 16 (she was 12 or 13 at the time) I was there for her first period, her first boyfriend, her first kiss. She was painfully shy as a young teen that blossomed later on into a beautiful woman.

 Jeff, Rose (Mom), Rick (Step Dad) and Adrienne

She was/is the mother of two beautiful children Gavin and Gracie. Who have (sadly) never known their Mother to be healthy. They've always known this poor woman who has laid in a bed with little to no hair, little to no life. They don't remember her getting down to play Tonka Trucks with them on the floor or reading them bedtime stories. They don't remember her walking them in the pram, push chair or stroller. They have little, to no recollection of their mother. And that is a shame. All they have is our memories and our word for the kind of person she was.

The funeral is next weekend, Adrienne's husband has decided he wants the affair to be "immediate family only". None of the cousins not even Adrienne's best friend are invited. She didn't want an impersonal routine service however I feel this isn't what she would have wanted either. And yes I get it...Mike was her husband, but I'm sorry shouldn't her Mom and Dad have a say too?? Apparently many in Jeff's family disagree with Mike and feel the same way we do, however none will say anything to Mike as I think they fear that he; now that Adrienne is gone; will prohibit their contact with the children if they don't do as he says. It's a tragic situation all the way around.

                                                        Adrienne, Mike, Gavin and Gracie

Mike told Alan when Jeff was here last that visiting with Adrienne was family only. Who the hell is he to say we're NOT family? He said to Alan "If you're family where were you the last three years?" I'm sorry... where were you when she had her first period/boyfriend/kiss/marriage?? MOREOVER where where you during your OWN marriage while your wife was suffering with cancer? Oh that's were fucking around with at least ONE other woman. Where were WE??? Where were YOU asshole when your wife needed you?? Fuck off.


I'll miss Adrienne. Terribly. She was a unique person and had a very special light about her. One that was snuffed out before her time. Sleep well elven sprite, you've earned your wings. Go give 'em hell and shake up the joint like only you can. Love you. Always.

With a heavy heart.
One Last Glimpse,


Monday, 10 September 2012

NYFW Spring/Summer 2013: Skaist-Taylor

This week was New York Fashion Week. Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond my control, I wasn't as on top of this one as I was last year. I saw some of the stills from the Skaist-Taylor line, which is of course as obsessively, eccentrically charming as the lovely super-twin spirit sisters who put the line together; Pam Skaist-Levy and Gela Nash-Taylor.

Skaist-Taylor are not new to the fashion game or the runway, the two are the genius behind the Juicy Couture line. The Skaist-Taylor line though different, is just as playful as the former, however it has evolved into something uniquely different. It's bohemian and eccentric California vibe bring richness in its textures and lines. With flashes of New Romantic era (perhaps inspired by Nash-Taylor's husband John Taylor of Duran Duran and the band's original new romantic days), the colours are rich and playful, cheery and sunny, sultry and sexy without even really trying to be. They are unique and vivacious and truly Skaist-Taylor. (Neiman Marcus for Skaist-Taylor)

No. I'm not a fashionista...but I know what I like. You're probably also saying to yourself "Yes...but you're a Duranie and Skaist-Taylor has ties to Duran". Very true. That isn't something Skaist-Taylor tries to escape. For the second year running Nash-Taylor's husband had hand in the soundtrack for the show. But on a personal note I reiterate "I know what I like".

On a side note:
If by chance however you are on a much more strict budget (and lets face it, many folks are these days) you can put your own Skaist-Taylor inspired line together.  Thrift shopping is a brilliant way to put together what LOOKS to be a chic, expensive look for a fraction of the cost. Tracey over at Pop Trash Beauty put together this video: Broke Chick Fashion Night Out helping fashionistas on a budget with helpful suggestions to put your own signature look together!

So go on and express yourself! Have fun with whatever it is you may come up with!!

One Last Glimpse,


Sunday, 9 September 2012

The Social Media Connection

I enjoy social media. I do Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. I enjoy blogging (obviously) and reading others blogs: Julie Anne Rhodes (an amazing blog and new way of creativity in the kitchen, full of healthy foods and ideas and a BRILLIANT way to save time and money by using the Pampered Chef Approach as well as some insights into the wonderful, fabulous lady Julie Anne herself), My Latest Obsession (A blog of travel, teaching, concerts and insights by a dear fellow Duranie and friend Deena), Pop Trash Beauty (Art, Make-Up, Fashion, Song and Fun by the lovely and wonderfully quirky Tracey), The Suzi Parker Files (A little Politics, A little Duran and some humor from the fantastic Suzi Parker) , Hazelz World (Travel, Health, Fun and Fitness by the illustrious Hazel) and of course Drums, Guitars, Tattoos and Guyliner (Concert and music blog, a conglomerate effort by many amazing individuals, including myself which I am proud to be a part of) just to name a few. I do something called Wish occasionally as well but I think it's a wannabe version of Pinterest and haven't gotten into that much either, only because I find Pinterest far superior. I never was into My Space and I haven't  gotten really into Tumblr although I have an account. I don't get it, I find it disjointed and confusing. My eldest daughter Jessica is far more into it than either Facebook or Twitter I think and perhaps it's something for the younger sect, but personally I don't get it.

When I joined Twitter, it was to connect with an old friend who I had lost contact with. They (at that time) really didn't use Facebook that often (as I did), so I said that I would make a Twitter account. I don't use Twitter as often as I used to with the exception really to make the odd comment here or there on someone else's tweet. Mostly it's used now for me for communications with or information from the Duran camp. That's not to say I don't LIKE Twitter. Far from. In fact, I have some wonderful memories of occurrences on Twitter. Tweets from Simon, Duran and John for example although I must admit one of my favourites has to be something John did for me. (Or at least that's how I like to think of it)

When Duran was on their mini tour promoting the All You Need is Now album, they were in the states and Canada doing SXSW (South by South West), Coachella and other club dates. John at one point just prior to getting to Canada tweeted that he had just received a gorgeous Hofner hollow body bass and that he would have to take pictures of it. A few days went past; John was Tweeting again; and I said to him something about pictures of his new bass that he had mentioned a few days prior. He replied to me saying he promised that he would take a picture of it at the venue that evening and post it. Honestly, I didn't know if he would and really thought nothing else about it, it was more of "if he does...he does" scenario but I was tickled he'd replied to me in the first place. I'm certain his timeline must explode when he gets online and it must be hard to keep up, I know it is for me and I'm not a celebrity! The venue that evening was (ironically) in Toronto (a mere 2 hrs from me, although I did not attend that show) at a club called The Phoenix.

Much to my thrill and surprise, he did just exactly what he promised. It is rare that I am rendered completely speechless as many will attest. I can recall opening the picture on Twitter and thinking "Holy crap, he kept his promise to me". I sat here, stunned and just stared. It's not a great picture, he looks tired and it's a little blurry...but he kept his promise to me. For someone he's never met, just me...a fan, coming from the man I not only crushed (and crush on) but also my musical meant (and means) the world. It honestly catapulted my desire to want to learn to play the bass into overdrive and has helped carry me through to fulfilling that desire.

John (backstage) April 25, 2011  Phoenix Concert Theater: Toronto, Ontario

I think it's the little things like that that make him (and them) so endearing. The little contact. The follow through of a promise and truthfully, that's not the only promise that John has made to me where he has followed through and made good. He's a genuine soul, a kind and sweet man by all accounts of those who have met him.

I'm grateful for social media for many reasons. For connection and opportunity not only with John and Duran, but also for creating wonderful friendships and having ways of maintaining those friendships with people I have "met" from around the world. There have been some truly wonderful and deep relationships and connections made thanks to these opportunities our technology has presented us and thanks also to the guys for the avenue in which to pursue those friendships.

One Last Glimpse,


Saturday, 8 September 2012

Peace and Tranquility

I'm sitting's 5:50am and I'm listening to the rain fall. It's one of the most peaceful sounds there is. I don't know if you've ever taken the time to sit quietly, perhaps with your eyes closed and listen as it falls hitting the pavement in a gentle pattern, but truthfully it's one of the most amazing sounds out there. It's hitting some leaves as well on it's way down, which only adds to it's syncopated splendor.

Tonight; surprisingly; there is no thunder going on. There was a little distant lightening earlier and it was warm enough for some...but there isn't any. The slight rustle that is going on as the breeze goes through the leaves  only adds to the weather's atmospheric presence, the thunder would only accentuate that. But alas, you can't win them all.

I think perhaps I was spoiled growing up with my Dad living on Lake Huron. We had some amazing rain storms there, not to mention the daily motion of the sound of the waves as I was going to sleep at night. I was spoiled by that. Spoiled by the sound of the waves and how relaxing and quite often therapeutic their sound can be. How comforting. Even now, when I go home to visit my Dad, that sound takes me back and I am at ease.

So I leave you gentle reader, wherever you may be and roam with hopes that your day is restful and relaxed.

One Last Glimpse,


The Culture Corner: Neverwhere - Neil Gaiman

I write...I've written a lot in the last year, but haven't taken the time to read a whole lot. I enjoy reading, but the problem is if I'm not in the mood TO read, it will put me to sleep faster than you can say "Passamaquoddy" (And if you don't know where I pulled "Passamaquoddy" out of my ass, well...I guess you've never seen an invisible dragon either!). Mind you, I can't drive long distances either as it puts me to sleep too.

I love books of all sorts, biographies, romance novels, horror, sci-fi. I can't say I'm fixated on one specific topic or genre (sorry JT!). I can tell you one of my favorite books ever is called "Neverwhere" by an author named Neil Gaiman. I've read that book cover to cover more times than I can count.

There's something about the way Mr. Gaiman tells a story that (for me) makes it completely immersible. I can see everything about the characters. The way they look, talk, walk, dress...what the characters breath smells like. (Ironically enough, Mr. Gaiman also wrote another book back in the 80's, a biography on none other than Duran Duran. Although I didn't know that little factoid until recently when Neil happened to mention it on Twitter.).

Neil Gaiman also does 'graphic novels'. They're not comic books but actual novels drawn out in comic book form. They're hugely popular and more than one television show and movie have been made from graphic novels in the past. (Walking Dead is a hugely popular one, albeit NOT by Mr. Gaiman).

Neverwhere is a story about Richard Mayhew who lives in London and leads an average life, which he finds dull and dreary. Until one day he crosses paths with a girl by the name of Door. No one can see her, or if by chance they do see her they see a homeless waif and nothing more. Door lives in "London Below" which is a vast city under the streets of London in amongst the tunnels, labyrinths and abandon subway tube stations of London. It's a very interesting adventure he has helping this poor woman who has crossed his path. He helps her find out what happened to her family and along the way Richard finds himself.

My husband found (much to my thrill and surprise) that Neverwhere had been made into a mini series for the BBC and ordered and purchased the DVD for me. He gave it to me out of the blue one day and I about freaked out. It's a great series, if you get the opportunity to watch it. Do. It's one of my favourites and stays fairly true to the book. It's a little BBC/Dr.Who campy but it gets the general idea of the story across. There's been talk about making an actual movie (to theater) of the book, I would be elated if they do.

I'm not sure what it is about this book that speaks to me the way it does. To be honest, the day I bought the book I had never heard of Neil Gaiman but the cover intrigued me. So I bought it. I'm thrilled that I did.

One Last Glimpse,


Sunday, 2 September 2012

My blue sky

I've often wondered to myself: "If I could decorate my house anyway I wanted would I do it?" My husband calls it "to blue sky" something. In essence if you had all the resources, all the money to do something how would you do it.

Honestly, I have this furniture passion that is very specific. My house isn't decorated in this fashion; although if I had the resources to do so; I most certainly would. In a heart beat. Without a second thought. This is NOT to say I am tunneled in my way of design; au contraire; this just happens to be my favourite era in way of design.

I have an affinity for Art Deco. I can't explain it. I like the lines, the look and the feel of the furniture, I liked the fonts even for words adoring buildings that they used. I liked the architecture of buildings back then. It's very appealing to me, very sexy and sleek looking. Perhaps it's something, like a memory, from a past life trickling ever so gently over into this life blurring the lines of existence a little. I mean think about it for a moment, where does our interest in the things we are interested, and impassioned about come from? Makes as much sense as any other ideology.

Perhaps it's a romantic notion, as it conjures 1930's Hollywood starlette imagery. The hair and fashion I love from the 1920-1940's, those pencil skirts, flapper dresses and the way their hair curled and waved, a long bodied car like a Packard. Perhaps even dripping into the 1940's with zoot suits. I just find that whole era fascinating.

Is there an era that speaks to you more than others? I can't imagine that I'm the only one out there who has fixations on particular eras.

One Last Glimpse,