Monday, 4 May 2015

I can't sleep

This is a fascinating concept to me. Somehow, some strange way -- to me... it make sense, and I like it. I'm not sure why, but it does and I do. Currently it's 3:05am, and I am (obviously) wide awake. I wish I wasn't. Not because I have to work tomorrow (I don't) or I have somewhere to be (I don't) or even because I have things to or accomplish tomorrow (I don't). I just don't like to not be able to sleep. It bothers me. So, for as much as I like the idea of this bothers me that I can't sleep. Does that even make any sense what so ever? Probably not. 

I've got lots of ideas the last few days for writing. Plot points, dialogue for different things I'm working on. Some with actual potential -- some just... fluff... that I don't think will ever go anywhere. But I use it as a tool to grow and learn, so I write it down. Some are poems. Not that they'll ever get used in books or stories (I don't think). But they come to me, and I'm compelled to write them down to "get them out there" as it were. Like this one:

Kiss me with passion,
Caution to the wind.
Love's heart full,

Tomorrow's questions answered.
With a knowing glance,
Full of wisdom.
Guide me home,
To your life.
To your love.
Where we will be one.

I have no idea what it means... but hey, there you go.

Or this one:

Lost in tomorrow,

The hopes and dreams,
Amazing finds,
Of yesterday's magic.
Away with the negative.
Ushering in a new,
Adventure in the wings,
Waiting for the dawn.
Bringing chance, change and promise,
And light to a forgotten shadow.

Both written tonight, by me just randomly.

Anyway, just thought I'd check in -- let you know I'm not dead or forgotten about you guys. Going to go see Def Leppard on Tuesday, so I'm SURE I'll have something to post again later this week. Be good!

One Last Glimpse,