Saturday, 3 January 2015

Welcome 2015... What the fresh hell?? DO OVER!!!

To say that the tail end of 2014 sucked and the beginning of 2015 started out of the gate with a lame ass stumble barrel roll would be an understatement. One of my kids almost getting hit buy car, Cats ditching at least two lives by getting nudged by a car (both kid and cat survived... not the same car... two separate days). COUNTLESS other acts of random, out of the blue surprises and accidents. It was crazy. New Years Day evening even found me in the hospital with a DIFFERENT child of mine. By yesterday (the 2nd) I was demanding a do over.

So now, after a few evenings of reflection and calm and collected relaxation -- things seemed to have calmed down and be more even keeled. I've been dreaming very surreal, in depth, full on saga like dreams since the new year as well. Very detailed and honestly, would make brilliant novels or movies/mini series. I hope they continue, I have felt very well rested after these dreams. So that's good (at least for me) as well.

I have many hopes for this year. First and foremost being that I'd like to find and buy a new house and move. I'm hoping by the middle of the summer at the latest if not sooner. I'm uncertain as to where but I don't think it will be too terribly far from where I am now. I'm not sure I'm going to continue working where I am, but if I do -- it will be out of choice, not requirement. I just want to be able to redecorate and paint if I choose to. Where I am now; because we rent; while I COULD paint...I would have to put it back when I moved out. Plus we have carpet (which I hate!) and would love to put down laminate or hard wood, but again...cannot.

Anyway dear readers, I hope 2015 finds you well... and brings to you many blessings, lots of white light and oodles of luck. I will endevour to write more than I have, but make no promises.

As always

One Last Glimpse,