Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Poem time...

I have a creative buzz lingering just beneath the skin
I can feel it buzzing, itching, yearning to scratch it's way to the surface
Itching, twitching, needing to break through and be free
Of the confines of my mind.

To have it's own voice, tell it's own story, soliloquy and grand solo
Be enraptured in its own being
Captivating others to be one within it
To breathe in and make themselves a part of it.

Journeying forward and enhancing the world,
Bringing forth a new sense of joy, life, love and peace
Ushering in a new thought process and level of being.
A thing of greatness, beauty. A thing unlike no other the world has ever seen.

All within the confines of my mind, aching to make it's escape.

Feb 4/2015 KMC

One Last Glimpse,


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