Saturday, 21 September 2013

The prodigal return of JT

Really? Really kids? Do we need to revisit this again? I thought we'd been over this, and had it cleared up. But clearly, by all the slagging and mud slinging, bitching and whining that is not the case whatsoever.

Let me spell it out for you in small words. John. Owes. You. Nothing. Who he is, does, where he goes, is NOT our business. (This goes for all the guys). If you're a fan, shut up, be a fan and leave it at that.

There was no alternate reason (nor any reason to think otherwise) other than the one John himself gave for going on his self imposed Twitter break. And those who go searching for other reasons why are nothing but rumor mill mongers.

John's return to Twitter can easily be answered in a few answers. They're the same reasons why he joined Twitter (and everyone started following him to being with). He's promoting something he's proud of. Are you trying to tell me that was insincere as well? I think not.

He's a business man, he's a smart and savvy one at that. He knew at 17 what he wanted from life and achieved it by his 20s. Not many can say that. I certainly can't. You should be proud of him, and for his accomplished and ashamed of yourselves, those of you who are rumor mongering and searching for something that isn't there.

Will he stay on Twitter after his Tweet-fest to promote his book? I hope so, but honestly I'd have second thoughts if I were him if this is the way his return is going to be received. So he's coming back to promote the paperback what? Who cares? He joined twitter to promote AYNIN, so why wouldn't he return now?

Instead of slagging him off and calling him insincere, perhaps you should be proud of his accomplishments instead. If he hadn't had his life, traveled this path and been the person he is – I think all of our lives would be different than they are.

I'm proud of you John. Always. Should you choose to stay after your promotion Tweet-fest this week, I look forward to reading your Tweets and interacting with you. Should you choose to become silent again for a while; I for one; will be waiting for you when you get back.

One Last Glimpse,



  1. Thank you!!! It seems I'm now the devil for pointing this out to Duranies. We are fans, not friends. He owes us nothing, and he can tweet about whatever he likes. I also look forward to his tweetfest, and like you, have no issues if he goes away again. He does have a real life after all!!

    1. You are not alone in your way of thinking, and you are most certainly not the devil. It just shows you have a firm grasp on reality. :)