Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Holy shit end of March: Babbling, Catching up and Loft Conversion possibilities.

I have no idea where March has gone. It seems to have flown past. I wish winter could take a hint from March and get lost. But unfortunately "Winter Marches on." and continues to lag about and linger on. hahaha I kill me....(sorry kids...only Duranie's will get that joke without explination. "Winter Marches On" is a song of theirs).

ANYHOO! So yes, end of March is almost upon us...winter is still hanging on out there and I've had about all I can take. The cold and the snow can go piss off and take a hike. I want the warmth and the sunshine already!!!!

You're probably thinking that I've neglected you. Again. Truth be told I haven't. I have a few blog entries here, saved as drafts. One in particular I'm just not ready to post yet. There's a heartbreaking situation going on with my nearest and dearest. I've written words, I've said silent prayers, I've written my feelings out here...saved in a draft...that I'm just not ready to post yet. It's a goodbye of sorts to someone that I'm not ready to say goodbye to yet. I will, eventually post it. I'm just not there yet. Ya know?

On a more positive bend...we're starting to look at properties again. We went to look at one lovely ranch home. Quite large...only a few things I'd want to change. Put my mark on. It's lovely. Then there is a red brick 2.5 story home that while I haven't looked at more than just online, it's quite lovely as well. There was a fire a few years ago and EVERYTHING has been redone. It's fantastic.

And then... there is "the conversion"...

There is a property on the main drag of a nearby city (where the rest of the properties are that we have looked at or are interested in). That has two store fronts as well as the space (2 floors) above them. It was built in the late 1800s so it's warehouse style/exposed brick 14 foot ceilings kind of awesome. But there is a LOT of work that would have to be done to one portion of the space as it has been woefully neglected since 1960something. Some of it is elbow grease...some would have to be ripped back to the bones and redone.

Honestly, I'm in love with this place - or the idea of what it could be. The task is daunting. There's no doubt. There's work I could do and work I couldn't. Work Alan could do, and work he couldn't. I can't climb a ladder for example. I just can't. I have an innate fear of ladders for someI'd have to get someone else in to do it. And that's where I am seeing dollar signs and what is making me sort of drag my feet and recoil backwards.

I would have no qualms with having a very basic kitchen for quite some time as long as it functions and is stable and not going to fall apart.

I guess the biggest thing before I get too many lofty (haha) ideas is to get a mortgage and get the place inspected. I'm not going to buy it if it is unstable, or if it is full of asbestos. CLEARLY. But honestly it's hard to guage some of the space because the person who owns it has it floor to tits FULL of stuff. Shelves and shelves of junk. And (just so you get an idea) the living space alone is 7700+square feet. Insanity. But for all the junk, for all the crap....I didn't see a single bug, rodent and minimal water damage. Just crap and junk.

For many years Alan and I have talked about a loft conversion appartment. I suppose even with the daunting task of what this entails is why I'm so excited about the possibility of it. I'm not going to lie, this could be awesome. I know it's going to be a long road and I know it's going to be expensive. But honestly I was thinking about it.... we're not in an all fired hurry to get to where we want to eventually be. There are priorities no doubt. We'll have to work through them. Carefully. Slowly.

I'm excited with the idea of being in our own home again. Will I be dissapointed if we don't end up in the loft conversion? Yes. But honestly, I'm just looking forward to moving. Currently we rent. And I hate it. I like the place we live, it's nice enough. Although I can't really DO anything to make it mine...if I painted it, I'd have to repaint it back when I left.

Whatever happens, happens I guess.

And then yesterday we went to see a 3D ultrasound of my niece. I can tell you, with quite a bit of pride and a WHOLE lot of bias that she is GORGEOUS. I can hardly wait until she is born. Super excited!!!!!!!!!!!

So much coming up in the next little bit that's positive -- loads of possibilities. I'll try to keep you posted!

One Last Glimpse,


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