Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Dreaming in technicolour

My dream started off normal. I was at my Dad's house, looking to speak with him rather urgently (for reasons I don't recall now). I remember exiting out the front door and walking down my Dad's front steps (which is where my Dad's front yard changed). He was standing over a long bodied car of some sort, which was supposedly an older car (50's or 60s) but I don't recall it having any roof or doors or any opening at all to actually get into the car. It was like it was this long, dark forest green body....with no way to get into the car. It was odd. ANYWAY, he had a paint scraper in his hand and was scraping off the shiny coat off the car “getting it ready to be repainted”.

I remember looking up to the sky and seeing many (50?) air craft carriers but with a curved bottom like zeppelins. One was crashing into the ground and we all started to run away.

The next thing I can remember I am walking inside the boat... but I got the feeling I wasn't really supposed to be there? But I'm not sure why. At this point it changes and I'm now a reporter (maybe that's why I wasn't supposed to be there?) And I'm speaking to a very young Nick Rhodes, Simon Le Bon, John Taylor and Roger Taylor. Nick informs me that he's just married Yasmin (???) although he pronounces her name as “Yazmeeean”. I ask to see a picture of his wife, and he hands me a 5x7 of JulieAnne – I recognize the fact that it is Jewels, but say nothing. During this interview Nick disappears (when I turned away from him) and the guys say he had to go catch a flight.

I leave there, and go outside and I'm walking in a townhouse community. I see a private jet at the end of one of the rowhouses and I see Nick get off the plane. It is winter, and I am cold. I run around the side of this rowhouse and I call out to him. He looks up, smiles and waves at me as he walks towards me although I suddenly get the feeling that we have never met. I remember being quite nervous and saying “I have something for you”. Although I had NOTHING in my hands. I remember reaching into my pocket and pulling out a lipstick, eyeliner and mascara and saying “These are from Theresa and me”. Who the hell Theresa is, I have NO idea. He smiles and thanks me appreciatively, we walk along together. We enter a townhouse door and now I am back in/on the aircraft carrier and Nick is gone.

I walk up to a cabin that has the door open and my friend Amber is in there with Simon and two other people I don't know. She is talking about some song she has heard on the radio recently but doesn't know who it is who sings it. She thinks it's a duet, but isn't sure about that either. Simon says he's not sure, but asks her if she could sing or hum some of it. I remember exclaiming “Noooooo” from the doorway (Amber is horribly tone deaf – love her dearly though I do) but starts singing and humming at the top of her lungs. I am laughing my ass off (right along with her) as I stand in the door. Simon grins HUGELY at her lack of ability and keeps encouraging her to continue with the singing and humming of the song to the point of all three of us laughing to the point of tears as the more she laughs the worse her rendition of the song is. Until finally she hits a completely bum note and Simon (through tears of laughter) exclaims “I KNOW THE SONG!” And rambles off the title and singers of the horribly butchered song, to peels of hysterical laughter. I remember thinking how the hell could he tell what song it was between the tone deaf and the laughter???

The next thing I recall I'm in an elevator with SLB (and someone else – but I'm not 100% sure who). I can remember us going up and then sideways quite suddenly and myself and whoever I was with slamming into Simon. I recall being embarassed (he caught me) and managing a "I'm sorry". Although, I have to admit, he didn't seem to mind.  So here's this old fashioned elevator and we're still in the aircraft carrier... moving sideways and we're going “up on deck”. I remember saying to Simon “I don't think I belong there...”. He assured me as long as I stick close, I will be fine. I remember the door opening up, stepping out into the open, seeing people wandering around in Victorian clothing and feeling a breeze on my face and that's where I woke up.

I often have strange dreams, last night was no different... but it was fun and funny.

One Last Glimpse,


PS. I know I've been a bad blogger and not blogged as often as I should or could. And I am sorry for that. Real life comes up (as it does for us all). I will try to do this more often, but can't make absolute promises.

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