Thursday, 21 June 2012

It's just hair...

I know some women have this unbelievable attachment to their hair. For some, it's their calling card, and I used to be exactly the same way, so I get it. When my Mom got cancer and had her chemo/radiation she lost a considerable amount of it. She never went completely bald, but was very very thin by the end of her life. Since then, I've decided it's just hair. It's not like it's the end of the world if one day I decide to shave my head bald; not that I ever would; but it would be okay...because would grow back.

I have (in the past) gone from near waist length hair to having it cut short into a shaved up the back of my head bob haircut. In fact, the last time I did that...the girl asked me if I had been drinking which I thought was hysterical. Apparently, she'd had a woman come in had all her hair cut off completely high or shitfaced...only to come back the following day, ranting and raving that this woman had cut all her hair off.

The last few weeks have been progressively hotter, and I'm a big girl. And I had very long hair. Very. Long. Hair. I've always had thick hair too, so it was hot. I can't sleep well with it put up in a braid or in a bun or anything like that so that's not an option for me every night either. And since I'm not the Cleavers and my husband and I DO sleep in the same bed...him rolling over on it and about yanking it out of my head was frequent.

I've been wanting to go get my hair cut for the last month or so, I wanted to go see a friend of mine's cousin as she did a totally brilliant job last time with it. However, last night I decided enough was enough. My darling hubby rolled over on my hair FOUR times in a six hour span while sleeping. Practically ripping my hair out by the root each time, sending me into a silent wide eyed scream in pain while trying gingerly to pull it out from under his arm. I knew it was unintentional, and I didn't want to wake him and make him feel badly for what he'd done.

When I got up this morning I decided I was going to go get my hair cut. After a brief prayer to the hair gods that someone would not fuck up my hair, my sister in law and I went and had it done. It's probably slightly shorter than I thought it would be...but I think it's cute none the less.

I'm not done with it yet. I want to put some darker blue in it...perhaps next week sometime when I have a little more time I'll get that done, but for now it remains "a work in progress".

One Last Glimpse,


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