Saturday, 9 June 2012

A man's ultimate doom

Why is it when you tell a man "It's in my purse - go get it" they ALL make the same face. And you know what I mean ladies, it's that look of hopelessness crossed with a mix of fear, disdain and like they've just smelled the most vile thing ever. It's almost the same look that some men will get when the words: period, Midol, pads or tampon are mentioned...but not quite. I'm certain 80% of most men would rather go to the local Shoppers Drug Mart or Walgreens and pick up a box of tampons than go into a woman's purse. And the other 20% would rather be kicked in the balls with a steel toed boot than do either.

And it's not like we have anything in our purse that's going to freak a man out. Nothing. It's not like the Woman's secret handbook on "How to seduce and annoy your man" is in there. Pfftt we keep THAT in our make up bag DUH!

Lets be realistic here now ladies. I mean seriously...have you ever checked out one of those full to bursting, falling apart decrepit wallets men carry around? The ones so falling apart maybe they've even had silver duct tape to "repair" them. Or seen what a man has pulled out of his pocket while retrieving change? Really?! And they piss and moan about the contents of a woman's purse?? I've seen men pull out : dirt, change, condoms, tums, lint, soft gum that once was stick form but now looks something like a melted mound, receipts, lottery tickets, keys, lip balm, bank cards, credit cards, business cards, bag of weed, rolling papers, cigarettes, cell phone, lighters, AA coin...the list goes on. But men are worried about maybe encountering a pad or a tampon in a woman's purse? Bitch please, put your big girl panties on and fetch me my Midol.

It's in my purse.

One last glimpse,


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