Tuesday, 5 June 2012

You say it's your birthday...

Today I am 41 years old. I was born to Gail and Clare Esselment, younger sister to Kristen at (the now defunct) Sarnia General Hospital. Sarnia Gen was (and still is) a red brick building that had the feel of one of those "old school" hospitals. Some of the newer ones resemble more of a hotel than anything else, but this was a true hospital inside and out. 

I remember when I was about 7 or 8 we went to visit my Grandmother who was having a minor "procedure" (I think she was having her gallbladder removed). My Mom took my sister and I and after about 20 minutes of being in a small room we began to get a little "rammy" as my Mom used to say. She told us to go to the cafeteria and to get a drink (translation: we were being rowdy and pissing my Grandmother off). I remember she told us that the cafeteria was on the "bottom floor". We got in the elevator and pressed "B" (For bottom right?) imagine our surprise when the doors BEHIND us opened and there was a short (12 foot) hallway - very drab green/gray in colour. With two big double doors at the end of the hall. That was it. Nothing else. Each door had about a 2 foot frosted glass window. On each window was one word. It was the same word on both windows. Yep...you guessed it. "MORGUE". You have never seen two kids press the "door close" button so quickly in all your life. That is one of the lone memories I have of that hospital. But it's a 'goodie' that still makes me laugh to this day.

I have some fantastic birthday memories. I remember loads of birthday parties with friends growing up, and up until last year my favorite birthday cake had always been the Pink Panther cake my Mom had given me for my 7th birthday. I freakin LOVED the Pink Panther (I still do!). Last year however, blew that one out of the water. My friend Rachel is so incredibly talented she blows my mind. Last year she made me not one, but TWO incredible cakes for my birthday. I was overwhelmed. I was surrounded by family and friends whom I adore. Ultimate 40th birthday ever.

"Kendra's favourite things" cake (2011)

My "Bass cake" ... with my bass (2011)

I'm not looking for last year to be topped. It stands out all on it's own. Honestly I couldn't have asked for a better birthday. It was unbelievable. Many women my age despair at hitting 40 and beyond. I never took it that way. I embrace the birthday and since I refuse to ever grow up - it's all just a number.

One Last Glimpse,


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