Monday, 27 August 2012

A hard day

A very dear friend of mine has a younger sister (3 or 4 years younger) who is dying from cancer. Inwardly, I am distraught. I have known this beautiful creature since she was 12 or so, I was there for her first boyfriend, first heartbreak, first period. I have watched her go from a shy girl, into a beautiful young woman full of life and sass, into a beautiful grown woman married with children of her own. And now slowly, painfully and savagely her life, dignity and spark is being ripped from her.

I would probably describe Adrienne as elven or pixie like in nature. There's something magical about her and it's a tragedy something as evil as cancer is squashing such an existence. I'm not saying she's perfect. I'm not saying that she's saintly. I'm just saying how unbelievably unfair, cruel and inhumane life can be. But I guess sometimes life's just like that whether we want it to be or not.

I remember when we were growing up she was quiet and painfully shy when she was young but playful in her nature. It was/is an honour to have watched her grow up into such a beautiful woman.

She now has two beautiful children (Gavin and Gracie) who will have very few memories of their mother as they are so young. With the exception of photo graphs it's up to those who know and knew her to keep her memory alive for those children when she is gone. It's the best thing we could ever do to share our memories of her, and pass them on to her children.

If she must go, and cannot fight, survive and beat this thing...I hope she goes quickly. Her body and spirit has been through so much and honestly doesn't deserve to suffer.

My heart breaks for Jeff (my friend) who has had to watch from a distance - he lives in British Columbia, his young, vivacious, beautiful baby sister slowly be ravaged by this horrid disease. He is here now, with his sister as she lives her final hours out. His parents who seem to be of no help whatsoever, whom you'd think would be a unified front are disjointed, disharmonious, and have elected to be a negative force towards each other (they divorced many years ago) instead of standing by their daughters bedside while she passes. My husband and I; as well as Jeff's other friends; have been Jeff's only real support and more family to him in these moments, than his own.

Always tell those you love that you love them. Always treasure the memories you make. And never hold a grudge. Life is just too short.

With a heavy heart and tear stained face...

One Last Glimpse,


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