Friday, 31 August 2012

The end of the tour...doesn't mean the end.

Tomorrow I would have been getting up and heading out for Orillia for the final show in the "All You Need is Now" tour. I would have been meeting up with my Duranie Sisters (Some for the first time). Honestly, it would have been one hell of a party. Not just for us, but for them. I think the air and energy would have been electric, and we would have made them work for every ounce and inch of our excitement. But alas, due to illness of our dear Controller; Nick Rhodes; the tour came to an abrupt and sudden halt. Apparently, even though he "comes from Outer Space man.." he's not completely impervious to becoming ill and exhaustion.

I understand that they are disappointed, it's completely understandable. They were in the midst of riding this wave of success, and suddenly it crashed mid-crest. It must feel like a void and unfinished. I feel for the guys. I really do. It must feel incomplete and anti-climactic. And I'm sorry for that. Oddly and strangely enough, although I'm disappointed...I'm okay with it.  When they started cancelling dates, I would have been surprised had ours gone forward. Truthfully, if someone isn't well, I'd rather they be getting the care they need than run the risk of further illness and possible permanent damage. I felt the same way when Simon was ill at the beginning of the tour, and I feel the same way now. Dates can be rescheduled, band members are not so easily replaceable...especially these band members.

I do however find it strangely ironic that the tour ended the way it began. But I'm glad that they're wise enough to do the right thing. After 18 months of touring, 104 gigs played, many a new dear friend made and a life time of memories, at least I can say I got my one gig. Finally. It may be the end of the tour, however it's far from the end. I look forward with anticipation to the next go around, whenever that may be. When they're ready, we will be also. Arms up-stretched, hearts full, and ready to party with the band designed to make you do just that.

One Last Glimpse,


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