Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Tales of a Gasbar Glamazon: Music soothes the savage beast

I know I bitch a lot about the people that frequent my work. I often talk about what idiots they are, and how much they annoy and piss me off. But this entry dear readers, my lovelies is a horse of a different colour.

Where I work I get almost an even ratio of men to women come in for gas but also for beverages, ciggies and what have you. I almost always have music playing: Motley Crue, Def Leppard, Savage Garden (Darren Hayes), David Bowie, Sixx Am, Poison, Amy Winehouse, Adele and the like. Occasionally there have been some people commenting and such on my music. But none have conjured quite a response like Duran Duran.

I have had people in with varying responses to their music (all good) with different levels of enthusiasm. I had one gentleman (debit was being particularly slow) and he burst into random counter and air drumming with a Duran song. he got right into it. Singing along and everything.

I had an asian woman come in who speaks only enough english to let me know which pump she is at. But boy let me tell you she knows who Duran Duran are! The Reflex came on one afternoon and she went completely bananas. She began yelling "JAN JAN!" pointing wildly at my MP3 player with a big smile follwed by "Ta nana na!" right along with the music.

I understand their enthusiasm, I appreciate it. They are after all, in their own words: "The band designed to make you party". And speaking from experience they have done just that. Not just with Duran but also music on the whole. However to me their music is infectious and my outlet...my very own personal Mozart.

I had a gentleman make me turn "The Chauffeur" up one afternoon declaring it "one of the greatest songs ever written and produced". In my personal opinion he wasn't wrong of course. I quite enthusiastically agree.

The reason for this blog entry today was a gentleman who came in today in fact. I was listening to "New Moon on Monday" and in came this large (6'5") burly line backer of a man, stopping in for cigarettes as he often does on his way home. He was head to toe in paint and drywall dust when I saw a smile creep across his face. "I remember this video" he said with a smile "Isn't this the one where they were dancing around staging some revolt or something". More of a statement of fact than a question. I nodded in agreement and said "I do believe it is yes!". His smile grew as he said on his way out the door "They're not very good dancers...hell of a band...but not very good dancers".

Somedays I honestly love my job and my customers.

One Last Glimpse,


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  1. ... make me turn "The Chauffeur" up one afternoon declaring it "one of the greatest songs ever written and produced".


    LOVE the last guy. DD infected the world.