Saturday, 22 December 2012

Not Quite Right: Night Before Christmas...

T'was the night post apocalypse,
And all through the land,
My house fuckin' shook,
Snowmageddon at hand!

The windows they rattled,
The trees bent and bowed,
I hope my hubby's toasty,
My toes...they be froze!

Final shoppings and mailings,
Of cards, gifts and such,
The pressure, such pressure,
To post them - a MUST!

The week had flown by,
With hellacious clammer and clatter, 
The car is now acting off,
Flat tire's what's the matter!

When what to my wandering eyes,
Should appear?
But a UPS truck,

Another package! Oh dear!

From near, and from far,
Wrapped parcels so merry,
Ripped open delightfully,
To see what they carry. 

Last gifts to be buying, 
Then to wrap them up nice,
While watching Duran playing,
What can I say? Its my vice.

To Rach, T&G, to Kirsten, and Tracey,
To my Glamazon Girls,
And of course,
dear sweet JT.

Have a wonderful Christmas,
To all of y'all,
Now open your pressies,
So you can look at them all!

On this final note,
I will bid you adieu,
The Mayans might not have made it,
But hey! We made it through!!

One Last Glimpse,
Happy Christmas to you all...
I love you.


PS. Yes, I wrote it....last night before bed. If your name isn't mentioned specifically it does NOT mean this is any less meant towards you. I only had so much room and had to get it to rhyme.

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