Sunday, 5 May 2013

Humorous tale from a Gasbar Glamazon

As much as I bitch about my customers... every now and again I get one that absolutely makes my day and sometimes on rare occasion makes my week. Today I had just such a customer.

It's Sunday, and it's gorgeous out. The kind of day where you'd rather be ANYWHERE but at work let alone indoors at work. I didn't want to work today, but unfortunately don't have an alternative. I have not won the lottery (yet!!) and until I do the best with what you have. Know what I mean sweethearts?

A gentleman comes in, not too much older than I – probably 5 to 8 years and walks over to our “automotive” shelves. He spies what he needs grabs it and walks over to me placing two containers of break fluid down in front of me. At which point he declares without hesitation: “I've gone soft, I hate it when that happens.” I tilt my head sort of like a dog trying to do a math puzzle, honestly debating on if I should burst out laughing (the voices in my head WAY ahead of me on that one) or just let it slide. At which point HE hangs his head and chuckles and says “Well that was highly inappropriate. I am so VERY sorry.”. So I burst out laughing, and as I'm laughing I can feel my face go scarlet.

I said to him “I'm not sure what to say, I've never had this happen to me before”. At which point HIS face goes beat red and he starts laughing. I realize I'm only making matters worse, but I've gotten a laugh so I'm okay with that.

He says to me, again apologizing “I've taken the last two. I'm sorry.” I said “Well, whoever comes along behind you soft, looking for help is going to be told to go elsewhere then I guess because I'm tapped out and spent.”

This brings a roar of laughter from this gentleman whose name I don't even know. At which point his receipt pops out of the machine and our “transaction” is complete. I ask him if he wants his receipt to which he replies that he “wants no evidence of his inappropriate behaviour”.

Sometimes...when the world spins backwards...and the sky is blue...I love my job.

One Last Glimpse,


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