Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Rest in peace: Art Christmas

As I have mentioned before my Mom (when I was a child) belonged to a local singing group. Today I found out that their leader/conductor passed away. I am completely broken up over this. I feel as though I have lost another piece of my childhood.

I haven't had contact with Art in many years (probably about 10 or so). But our last communication (after my Mom passed away) was via email and was very sweet and endearing. He spoke in high regard of my Mom, sister and I.  This was a man who clearly cared about those who had touched his life.

So as I sit here, shedding tears intermittantly I think of you Art Christmas, and all the laughter, charisma and song you brought into my life. Thank you so very much for those treasured memories. I can almost hear you, Uncle Ken and Mom singing and laughing up a storm already.

Rest in peace Art.


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