Saturday, 23 November 2013

The daughter I never knew we had

5 years ago my life changed, my family changed - for the better. I received a phone call from the school saying that one of my daughters friends (whom I had never met) was in trouble, had gone (with my daughter Jessica) to the police and Jessy wanted to know if her friend could come to our house that evening. I told the school psychologist that if it was a matter of this friend not wanting to go home because she'd gotten into trouble at school or with the school and the police had become involved (ie. fighting) then no, I felt that the child needed to return to her home and face the music. However, if it were a case of - if the child returned home she would be in harms way...she was more than welcome to come to my home. Up until that point the psychologist had not said what had occurred, and she never did (by law, she wasn't allowed to disclose the reason for the going to the police as it did NOT involve the school). Her only response was "I'm pleased to hear that Mrs. Campbell, I'll let Jessy know that her friend can come to your home then". In that moment, I knew what had gone on, what this poor girl had been through and I had never been more proud of my daughter Jessy than I was right then.

In those five years since that day, there have been many tears and much laughter. Court appearances, and of course, a period of adjustment. We've moved away from the memory of that nightmare for her, and since she's started a new and (I'd like to think) happier chapter in her life. Two years ago, for her 18th birthday we offered to her to get her name changed. Adopting a child costs thousands, but this was the next best thing we could do for her - give her OUR last name. Officially, to the world, making her ours. She was elated, there were many tears, and much celebration. She decided not only to change her last name, but her entire identity.

Yesterday, that sweet girl's long journey came to a close. It became official that her name was finally changed to our last name, like she has always belonged and always been one of us. She (Jessy's friend) came home with Jessy that night on that cold winters night almost five years ago, and has never left. But to her (and to us) I think it was much more than finding serenity and a calm port in the storm. Until yesterday, even though we treated her as one of our own from the get go, she has always felt tied to that adoptive family, but with jaded, tarnished and bad memories -- no matter how that relationship started out, it ended poorly. Her life has always been one of rejection until we intervened. A life of no one  having her back, no one she can depend on. And now, here, she has that. And strangely enough, our family feels complete. Our daughter that I never knew we had was out there all along, trying to make her way home.

And yesterday, she finally arrived. My youngest child, my youngest daughter came home. For good.

Daddy hugs his youngest daughter

One Last Glimpse,


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