Tuesday, 15 January 2013


Hello Lovelies! Have you missed me?!! I know, I've missed you too. I hope each of you had a brilliant and fantastic Christmas/New Year or whatever holiday you may celebrate (if any). And are ready to rip the shit out of the new year!!

It's 2013 already, and midway through the first month. Can you believe it??? My Christmas was quite possibly the BEST one I have had in years. I was relaxed, calm, and not anxious and nervous at all - which was completely foreign but it was sheer bliss. My New Years was quiet, and spent in bed. No, it wasn't romantic...I was sick, and so was hubby. Kinda sucked actually.

HOWEVER, my youngest daughter got me the most wonderful spa day as a gift with her and my older daughter as a Christmas gift, so that was absolute heaven.

I've learned my Dad reads my blog entries from time to time (Hi Dad, if you're reading this one!!) so that's exciting. I've told my Dad that I'm writing a book, which was NERVE WRACKING. It's kind of like telling your Dad your pregnant or you know been arrested for possession. It is nerve wracking - you don't want your Dad to think (or anyone for that matter) that you're completely out to lunch, but you want them to be happy for you too. I think he is happy for me and knows what I'm getting into. We will see. I think it's going well...

Lots of exciting, anticipatory things on the horizon for me this year I think. I've got lots of good mojo brewing and feel really positive about the direction my life and writing is going. If ONLY I could get the hell out of this townhouse complex and move into my new house. But soon enough that will come and I will be excited about that.

Yes, I'm looking to move. A pain in the ass, but what a joy it is to find that 'perfect' house. I'm just in the starting stages of this planned move...figuring out what I'm looking for, where we want to be located, what we can afford, etc, etc. But I know the house of my dreams (for now) is out there, and we'll get something we really like. I would (honestly) rather stay where I am than settle for something that is "alright" and that I really am not in love or 'obsessed with' to use a more popular turn of phrase.

As I said before, I'm really breezing along in my writing, which to be honest is why I've been so woefully neglectful of you my dear readers, I do hope you will forgive but trust me when I say the ends will (hopefully) justify the means. But, only time will tell. I'd love to say I'll be done the first draft of my first book sometime this year -- but we'll see. That may be a little preemptive and early to say.

What else can I tell you? I've been spinning a lot of vinyl lately here at home. As I've said before I LOVE the crackle that comes over the speakers when the needle hits the vinyl. Sheer. Bliss. I gave Alan a bunch of albums for Christmas, and received a couple myself. Frickin' awesome.

 If you're looking for an awesome review of concerts, albums, and just general fucking kick ass music...check out tattoosandguyliner.com . These ladies are fantastic. You can find them on Twitter: @tattoosguyliner or on Facebook: facebook.com/TattoosandGuyliner . And yes...that was a plug...but seriously...you won't be disappointed. Check them out.

Hrmmm what else...Oh yes... Duran is back in the studio come March...but chances are, you already know that. I don't expect we'll see them on tour this year, but who knows...stranger things have happened. I could only wish I guess. But hey, at least I'll have something to look forward to in 2014 right?

A girl's gotta have goals.

One Last Glimpse,


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