Saturday, 26 January 2013

TV Mania - Bored with Prozac and the Internet

It's artsy, it's fartsy, it's high glam, high heeled, high gloss, lip gloss and an acid trip enigma all rolled into one - and I haven't even heard the album yet.

I'm speaking of @TVManiaMusic on Twitter. In case you have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about, TVMania is a side project from members of Duran Duran comprised of Warren Cuccurullo (former guitarist for Duran) and Nick Rhodes. Their concept album "Bored with Prozac and the Internet" drops March 11th after locating some thought lost tapes and a long (LONG) gestation period (18 years).

 Bored with Prozac and the Internet - Album Cover Art
A few weeks ago the @tvmaniamusic handle was broadcast by Duran Duran and of course, like others - I followed. Curious to see what would be Tweeted that could not be handled by @duranduran and more over who would be doing the Tweeting.

Earlier this week the @tvmaniamusic handle went "live" and tweets started pouring out. And of course then the questions began "Who was behind the Tweets"? In my opinion, it is Nick behind the controls (affectionately referred to as "The Controller" within Duran Duran) doing the Tweeting. As much as he said he would never get on Twitter (unless he could find a way to make it an artistic way to express himself, as opposed to the way most of us use Twitter) - the turns of phrase and the artistry - all scream the venerable, Nick Rhodes.

Lord Rhodes and Captain Cuccurullo

I personally am intregued by the tweets thus far and look froward to getting the album when it is released in March. Do I understand what all of the Tweets are supposed to mean? Some yes - they speak to me on a personal level. Others? No - and I would never pretend to 'get' all of them. But who says I have to? Who says you're SUPPOSED to? Why can't a Tweet just be a Tweet? Why does it have to have meaning? Does art have to have a meaning?? No. Sometimes it's just art.

On a personal note: I know many others are saying "I don't get it" or "the tweets are too weird" and have started taking pot shots and making fun of Nick (or whomever is behind the Tweets for TvMania). That's fine if you don't get/enjoy them - you don't have to. Keep in mind, WHOEVER is behind these tweets however, would never condescend to make fun of your tweets; especially not to your 'face'; about the way you have chosen to express yourself or you as a person, the way some people have. Grow up.

I'm looking forward to hearing this album, I'm sure it will be a departure from Duran even though it is within the same family. Maybe I'll like it, maybe I won't, but in either case I look forward to it.

Track List:
  1. "What About God?"
  2. "Euphoria"
  3. "Beautiful Clothes"
  4. "You’re Dreaming Pal"
  5. "Paramount"
  6. "What’s In The Future?"
  7. "I Wanna Make Films"
  8. "Yoghurt and Fake Tan"
  9. "Grab The Sun"
  10. "Using A Hidden Camera - Eyes In The Sky"
  11. "People Know Your Name"

One Last Glimpse,


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