Thursday, 17 January 2013

First Gasbar Glamazon post of 2013: A glimmering ray of hope for humanity?! NOT!

First Gasbar Glamazon post of 2013! Well, I made it to mid-January without a moron report. I won't go so far as to say there's hope for humanity yet... but maybe? Possibly? Naahhh, people are still morons. (You didn't really think I had hope for these people did you??)

Typical gas bar bullshit with the outside pay at the pump only lane. Card in card out, get on the PA and explain SLOWLY exactly how to do it. People sill being fucking idiots. But today may be one for the record books.

This lady pulls up to pump 8 in her little 1984 Chevy Chevette, decked to the nines in heels, a fur coat, jewelery you name it - with redneck teeth or tooth as the case may be. She tries umpteen times to get her card to take out at the pumps, no joy. She comes inside huffs and sighs while she has to wait in line - at this point I know this one is going to be just a real winner.

She gets to the counter and slams her card down and demands I tell her why her card  is being declined out at the pumps. I tell her I don't know why but we can try to do a prepay inside since she's already here. (Keep in mind I'm busy and have been since the moment I got here this afternoon). I try to put her card through. EIGHT TIMES. Each time...declined. She is RAGING at this point.

We don't see WHY the card is declined on our screen - just that it has been. If it's a bank card the customer screen will say INSF FUNDS but just DECLINED for credit cards. She asks to use the phone to call Mastercard. I give her the phone and she calls. While she is on the phone - THE COPS SHOW UP. It seems that the brainiac had reported her card STOLEN and had a note on the account for Mastercard to phone the police should there be an attempt on someone using the card.

So there they were in their donut eating, Barney Miller, Return to Mayberry glory in the middle of this shit show. The cops sort out that she hadn't recieved her new card yet, and had forgotten to call Mastercard back when she found it in her wallet so they could remove the note off her account.

So fine and dandy, the police leave and she goes to prepay for her gas so she can just get the hell out of dodge. And PULLS OUT THE SAME CREDIT CARD, realizes what she's done (I didn't say a WORD) grabs ANOTHER card and STILL gives ME attitude like this is all my fault somehow. Apparently it's my fault she is a total moron.

It's busy. Gas is a decent price, I get it. But why does it have to bring out the morons??

One Last Glimpse,



  1. Morons are one thing... morons with attitude are another animal.

    1. LMAO!! No joke!! You just said a freakin mouthful.