Saturday, 19 January 2013

Childhood memories...

When I was 5, my parents divorced...I have a fairly recollection of it, but have no real sob-fest story to tell outside of the fact that I remember clearly the day my Dad left. (Although we have NEVER spoken of it). Although I don't remember my parents having any big rows or anything. Just that one day my Dad was there, the next was up for sale, my Dad moved out and so did we...without my Dad. At that point, no reason was given - later when one was given, it was always 'we just didn't get along anymore'. No one sold anyone out, no one back-stabbed the other, it was all very amicable as far as my sister and I knew, even if it wasn't.

My parents had belonged to a local choral group that later broke off into a separate faction. My Dad quit the choral group but my Mother continued with it. Usually a few times a year they would put together a 'Showcase' and either perform a musical OR various songs/skits. It comprised of about 50 or so people who were, for a few years of my life, more like an extended family.

We had our Aunt Brenda and Uncle Ken who were like an actual Aunt and Uncle - I never thought of them any different. My Mother had babysat for them when they had first come over from Britain when my Mom was a teen, and even to this day we are quite close with their family.

We had my Mom's friend Anne, who I always thought of kind of like Bette Midler. She is a larger than life woman who I always thought was just awe inspiring and even now I think she is possibly one of the most beautiful women I have ever met.

All these people while my world was in a state of transition as a child helped smooth that over so that my sister and I (or my Mom) were never at a lack for anything. And I am eternally grateful for that.

I can remember going to rehearsals with my Mom and while the cast were rehearsing, my sister and I would usually play with the other kids who had come with their parents. There were a few people who my Mom had become quite friendly and close with that I called my Aunt Linda and Uncle Malc(olm). They were a childless married couple who adored my sister and I. My Aunt Linda was a lovely British woman whom I adored dearly, she was always friendly and smiling. I remember the first time I ever had my hair curled (Not that it needed it -- I had very curly hair as a child) was by my Aunt Linda. I think she did it more to humor me than anything else but I remember she did it none the less.

Then, there was my Uncle Malc. I can see and admit it now, I had a crush on him. But honestly; aside from that; I thought the sun rose and set on this man. And to be honest, I'd like to think he thought the same about me. We had a bond, no doubt about it. We were thick as thieves the two of us, where you saw me, you saw my Uncle Malc. He was a large, burly man with a Scottish accent thick as anything. He had jet black hair and a mustache and beard to match and handsome as all get out.

For the better part of two, maybe even three years were spent within the safety and love of my Aunt Linda and Uncle Malc. Almost everyday going to their house, we practically lived there.  And I loved it.

At one point, there was an unfortunate falling out between my Mother, and my Uncle Malc. He had done something (I won't get into what - that's not what this entry is about) that shattered the friendship and that was it... I haven't seen him since. I was devastated.

Occasionally on nights like tonight I go searching for Uncle Malc (I know where my Aunt Linda is -- she is no longer with Uncle Malc and hasn't been for years). I just want to see a picture, to make sure he's know? I Googled him, and Facebooked him this evening (he's not on Facebook as far as I could see) -- I am relieved to say he's still alive. Not that I expected he'd be dead, but lets face never know. I'd love to, at some point in my life see him again, even if from a distance to see if I recognize him still... I'd like to think I would and that he would know and remember me... but I don't know that for sure.

I think, out of all of the people who have come and gone from my life outside of one other (that are still alive), he is the only other person who could set me to tears just by seeing his face. And I'd really like to someday, just to let him know... even though the friendship between my Mother and he was shattered, I never forgot him, and never ever felt like he betrayed me by going away.

One Last Glimpse,


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