Monday, 25 February 2013

Oscars 2013

I love the Oscars. My daughters and I watch them together, it's been a tradition in my house since my eldest daughter became interested in watching them about 8 years ago. I'm one of these types of people who like to watch it from red carpet walk ins to pick and pan all the outfits and hair styles, right up to the credits at the very end.

I was looking forward to watching them this year, but was leery and didn't know what to expect from host Seth MacFarlane. I'm not a "Family Guy" fan nor any of the other and many productions he has a hand in with the lone exception being the movie Ted (which I found to be HILARIOUS to be honest). So to be honest, outside of that...I wasn't sure what to expect.

I learned two things about Seth MacFarlane this evening. One....he looks like Donnie Osmond. I think it's the constant big white toothy Colgate smile to be honest....or maybe it's the dark hair... or perhaps both. Two...he has a LOVELY singing voice. Truly. I mean that.

I think I knew that we were in trouble the minute the awards began. It was either going to be a MAJOR hit...or a MAJOR miss. I was completely confused by the opening sequence, confused as to why...suddenly there's William Shatner playing Captain Kirk on a jumbo tron. I knew it was going to go down hill...quickly. I don't know how much, in all honesty; he (Seth) had hand in writing the script used for tonight. But from what I do know of Seth and his sense of humor, the whole 'boobs' song screamed him. Okay, yes...the dance sequence with Charlize Theron, et al was great. Honestly. It brought a touch of class that has been lacking for many years to the show. Old school you know? Hollywood glam. Every year the Oscars boasts it's going to "rejuvenate" and bring back "the glam"...and it never does. Honestly, I think if it took a modern day stab at a 1940's awards show it would go over FAMOUSLY. If you're going to go "Hollywood Glam"...GO. COMPLETELY. HOLLYWOOD.GLAM.

It was an evening full of confusion as far as I was concerned. Les Mis cast a standing O, Norah Jones a standing O, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Jennifer Hudson, Dame Shirley Bassey, Barbra Streisand. ALL standing ovations. But then along comes Adele performing one of the best (ONE of the best... I didn't say THE best - that is subject to opinion) Bond songs in a VERY long time, if not ever (again ... subject to personal opinion!) and she gets basically a golf clap? Wah?

OH! And I'm not slamming The Academy OR The White House anything but...what the HELL did Michelle Obama have to do with the Oscars? Why was she presenting (even via satellite)? I was so confused, I still am. Weird Oscar moment #eleventy.

I think the that Oscar will still be looking for yet another host for next year, I don't think we'll see a return visit from Mr. MacFarlane. Maybe they'll bring back Billy Crystal, or Hugh Jackman to host again....or maybe...just maybe (Gods willing) Neil Patrick Harris will finally have his shot at hosting the Academy Awards.

One Last Glimpse,


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