Thursday, 7 February 2013

Insomnia and gasbar Glamazon ranting

It's 5am. Normally I am LONG in bed, but for some reason -- for whatever reason I'm awake. For the second night in a row. This is freaking ridiculous and I am not impressed. If I actually accomplished something (outside of writing this -- and to be honest I'm only babbling here because...well... I may as well do something productive right?) then that would be one thing, but I'm not saving the world or working on nuclear fission or anything as astonishing like that. But I suppose writing this is something right?

I worked today, I wasn't there more than 20 minutes and I wanted to rip my co-worker a new one. Computers crashed right before shift change and of course she FREAKED because she can't handle a damn thing. So here she is on the phone with our boss, and she's trying to get stuff done to fix it. She has NO clue what she's doing, and is freaking out instead of being calm about it -- she's wigging. Fine whatever. I'm texting my boss suggesting things rather than interrupting the conversation she's having with my co-worker. And it comes about that she (my boss) wants us to reboot the computers, which you can't do until no one is pumping gas. Fine. So as we're getting rid of customers my co-worker is shutting off pumps so no one can pump the gas. Fine no big deal. I see an employee of the main store walking across the parking lot (coming to get her ciggies on her break) and before I reboot my computer I get her ciggies and her scratch lotto card and ring her through. WELL, you'd of thought I had done the worst imaginable thing, and co-worker starts bitching at my boss about me...WHILE I'm standing right there. HELLO. Stupid bitch. So she heads into the back room once I'm done with my customer, because she KNOWS I'll lay into her if she's standing there and there's no one in the store. So I reboot my computer like my boss wanted me to. KNOWING my boss is telling said co-worker to STFU and get over it. She bitched about it longer than it took me to ring the chick through for fuck sakes. Like really? Whatever.

So that's fine, computers come up -- problem solved. She leaves. (Buh bye don't let the door hit you on the ass on the way out the fucking door). I speak to my boss later this evening only to find out that said co-worker had already gotten in shit for something MAJOR just prior to me coming into work (like shit that can get not only my BOSS in trouble but also could get my co-worker fired), so when this went down she was looking for ANY reason to throw me under the bus -- after all she had just gotten into trouble...why shouldn't I? Yep! That's the kinda person my co-worker is folks. Fun work environment eh???

My boss btw couldn't have given two shits that I rang the ciggie lady through, MOREOVER she said she would have done the SAME THING and TOLD my co-worker that! Which of course made her have a hate-on for me even more. Do I look like I care that this woman hates me??? (For the record...the answer is no).

Fast forward to later on in the evening.. it's now JUST after 10pm and I finally get a moment to go to the washroom. As I'm sitting in the washroom, I hear the familiar "ding" of someone having lifted the nozzle on the gas pump and trying to get gas. Which they can't do until I authorize it inside...but being that I was sitting on "the throne" they were shit out of luck until I was done. So I finish, leave the washroom, and go out and see that the person is on the outside lane. You know what that means kids! YEP! Pay at the pump only. I explain this to the gentleman politely and he starts to walk towards me (obviously to pay inside). I inform him that he needs to hang the nozzle up first before I can do anything. At this point he looks at me, waves his hands in the air gesturing "What the fuck" type motion, turns on his heel and goes back to the pump, hangs it up, puts his gas cap back on...walks around to the drivers side -- glares at me and flips me the bird. I stare at him, smile broadly, blow him a kiss and wave.

I'm off for a few days and then into work almost all of next week. My boss is on holiday and I am stuck with the bitch. It should be interesting. She'll only try to tell me what to do once before I fucking kick her ever loving ass. My boss has made it ABUNDANTLY clear to me that she is NOT in charge and that she is going to make it ABUNDANTLY clear to her. My brother in law (who owns a different site in the city) is actually in charge -- she can't staaaaaand my brother in law (simply because he's my brother in law).

Should be a FUN week!!!

One Last Glimpse,


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