Saturday, 23 February 2013

The Wedding Album

The 20th anniversary for Duran's Wedding Album is upon us. 20 years already? Has it been that long? Where has the time gone? It seems staggering to me that all these anniversaries have come up recently. 30 years of the band, The Rio anniversary, The revisit to the Eillen, and now this. It's mind blowing, but also a testament to the resilience, talent, determination, and greatness that is Duran Duran. 

Originally just titled "Duran Duran" it was an album signifying they were going back to being a four piece band, instead of just a three. The fourth being in the form of Warren Cuccurullo on guitar. It has always been my understanding that we, the fans dubbed it "the Wedding Album" and it stuck.

Not seeing the tour for the Wedding Album was always a bone of contention for me, a missed opportunity. Not that I regret having to wait until the Diamond in the Mind tour, it was what it was and there was nothing I could do about it. I'm just thankful I've had the opportunity to see them live at all, and look forward to the next tour.

What is it about the Wedding Album that resonated so significantly with people? There are some fantastic tracks on the album that were both major hits but also hit wise with the fans even if they didn't do well on the charts or were even released as singles.

I definitely had some personal favourites on this album, everyone always has their own favourites. When I look at and listen to all the tracks on The Wedding Album of course Come Undone and Ordinary World are two of the songs that spring out. They're both moving fantastic songs that speak to us on our basic human level. They're of love, hope, loss, coping, and finding your way back against all odds. And who doesn't love a love song like that?

Breath after Breath is another mind blowing song. It's complete and pure inspiration both within the lyrics and melodies. I love this song, it's probably one of my favourites and doesn't get the recognition it should. It's uplifting and blissful.

UMF...two words my friends. Sex. Sells. This funk driven song is also one of my favourite Duran songs ever. No one else would ever write a lyric like “but right now, I'm going to keep my pants on.” and make it work. Brilliance. Bravo.

I don't know that I have an actual 'favourite' Duran album. The waters become fairly muddy when it comes to choosing one, it's like trying to select your 'favourite child'. It's impossible. The Wedding Album came at a great time and brought a fantastic resurgence of Duran Duran's career and with it a new host of fans. Their talents, brotherhood, abilities and musicality they have among them brought them through the 90's and helped to continue their journey further and brought all of us along the ride with them.

Happy Anniversary Wedding Album. Thanks guys for some fantastic memories, brilliant songs, and cherished times. I look forward to more. 


One Last Glimpse,


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