Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Fun this week with the Gasbar Glamazon

This week at work has just been chaos and fuckedville since Monday. I didn't work yesterday, and I'm glad I didn't. 
I got to work on Monday, and my boss informs me that our debit/credit had been down in the morning earlier, but it seemed after about 10am it was fine (I was working 12-4). Around 3:30pm it started slowing down and timing out. I knew trouble was brewing.
I spoke to a regular who came in for cigarettes who works across the street and she said that their debit had been sluggish and wonky as well. We both chalked it up to the fact that they had just started construction on our road and thought perhaps someone had hit something they shouldn't have. A few minutes later, just as I had switched with my replacement, it went from being slow and sluggish to not working at all. Inside...or out at the pumps. Chaos ensued. 
I stayed for about a half hour to try to help my co-worker to get through her customers between telling them it was "cash only" and putting up signs in the torrential downpour. Eventually she told me our boss (her Mom) was on the way to help her out, so I left. I guess we were without debit until sometime yesterday (Tuesday). 
I arrived today, only to see my co-worker (a different one) struggling with the debit machine. FAAAAABULOUS I thought to myself. That's just swell. After a little bit of a reset though, all seems well. (knock on wood)
Occasionally we get screwed up pumps though, people ram their card in and rip it out one too many times and the pumps lock up. So earlier today, just such a case happend, and I went out to back off the pump and put it out of order with a bright red bag (that reads "OUT OF ORDER" on it). That's when the fun began. 
Now, I know not all of our customers are english speaking. I get that. But if I were in a forgein country and I saw a bag with a big bright red bag on it,  I don't think I'd be too keen to touch it. But that's just me. The following, was a conversation had with an ENGLISH SPEAKING person, who reads and writes english quite well I would assume (according to his Doctor pass for one of the hospitals here in town).  
Me (on the PA): "Pump 4, that pump isn't working... that's why there is a red 'out of order' bag over the handle."
Dr. Idiot: "Yes?"
Me: "That pump is OUT OF ORDER." (said slower and clearer)
Dr. Idiot: "Yes I can see that..." (STILL HOLDING THE NOZZEL IN HIS HAND)
Me: "You'll have to move to another pump. The RED OUT OF ORDER bag means that the pump is not working..."
Dr. Idiot: "Why?"
Me: (Click PA off)

I swear I'm surprised I don't have a drinking problem.
One Last Glimpse,

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