Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Getting my hair band groove on

Every year, the city I live in hosts a 3 day music festival to try to raise money for Metachromatic Leukodystrophy (MLD) (Bethany's Hope) called Rock the Park. It's held each July, and each day has 4 different bands performing. I haven't gone the last couple of years due to unforeseen circumstances beyond my control, however the first time I went I saw Heart and Lynyrd Skynyrd. What a show!!!

This year over three days there are a wide variety of groups performing:
Thursday's line up includes:
Greg Ball
The Rural Alberta Advantage
The Trews
The Tragically Hip

Friday's line up includes:
Platinum Blonde

Saturday's line up includes:
Coney Hatch
Grand Funk Railroad
J. Geils Band

I am going to see Friday's line up, or at the very least would like to. I enjoy all four of the bands performing, and I think they all would put on a great show!

But here's the rub...on the Saturday, also here in town at a completely different venue, KISS is performing. Whoever planned KISS to come on the same day as the final Rock the Park day, might catch a lot of shit and upset from some fans. I mean really, not to slam or dis any of the bands performing on Saturday (honestly, I'd like to see Styx) they really cannot compare to KISS. This is just my opinion, Styx is a great band (as are the rest of the bands performing on the Saturday) -- but...it's KISS.

I think; to be honest; there are going to be more than a few people upset with the fact that KISS is coming on the same day/weekend as this festival. For me it's a question of if or not I want to go see KISS. USUALLY I get into Rock the Park for free and I suspect we're going to the Friday night line up (for me its one of those cases of the fact that I know someone who knows someone), so do I want to go see KISS, can I afford to go see KISS is more my dilemma. In either event; if I go or not; I'm sure both venues will rock and put on one hell of a show. Which; lets face it; is sometimes just what you need.

One Last Glimpse,


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