Thursday, 4 April 2013

Poem/Lyrics 1

I just need for it to go right,
Something to turn in a positive direction,
Something's got to give to make way for a better way,
I just need for it to be alright.

I need to make a way,
To shine bright in the darkest hour,
To make way for living for today,
I need to make a way.

And even though I've lost my power,
In my darkest hour I know you're there,
You've always been there when I needed you most,
And forever know my soul.

I just need for the bad to turn to good,
Something to make or break this monotony,
Something's got to make a difference in this world,
I just need to bask in the light.

I need to kiss your lips,
To feel your arms around me,
To have you hold me and whisper softly,
I need to hear everything's alright. 

With you everything's going to be alright.

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