Friday, 20 December 2013

Mission Accomplished: Christmas Shopping 2013

For whatever reason this year outside of putting up my Christmas tree, I have been lacking for Christmas cheer. I have put off my shopping till the last moment almost, and outside of buying 3 very small things online -- up until yesterday, I had done no Christmas shopping whatsoever. None. Zip. Zero. Nadda. Rien. Zilch. I haven't even sent out my Christmas cards yet. (SORRY GUYS!) They'll get gone, I just need to get to the post office and get them done.

Yesterday, was not that day.

I woke up yesterday, knowing I had to go Christmas shopping. KNOWING that if I was going to go, yesterday was the day to do it. With the hubby's anxieties, we don't go to the mall like we used to - and that's fine. I especially wouldn't subjugate him to it at Christmas Time. That's just a recipe for disaster. So I went with my daughter Jessy before I dropped her off at her girlfriend's house.

Of course I couldn't get her Christmas gifts as she was with me, so we wandered aimlessly around Walmart (word to the wise, if you don't HAVE to go to Walmart during the holiday season, unless you go in the middle of the night to one of these 24 hour ones -- STEER CLEAR!!). How we managed to get out of Walmart unscathed I'll never know.

People on the road piss me off, although I've never flipped anyone off - I take advantage of my horn. I don't often road rage, although I do rant to myself and passengers if people piss me off. Yesterday was just such an occasion. After the chaos that was Walmart, even though we came out unscathed -- I was at my boiling point.

I was more than half way out of my spot to leave when this jackwagon (nicest thing I can call him), came literally careening around the corner and barreling down the lane way. I could see him coming and knew he wasn't going to stop for me - even though I was more than half way out of my parking spot. So I stopped and let him pass, had I not - said jackwagon would have most definitely taken off my rear end.

I grumbled about that, and then just as I pull out of my spot and drive up to a stop sign someone opposite me (just as I'm about to proceed) breezes through his opposing stop sign and scoots down past me to go down my lane way. I have to explain that he sort of had to do an 's' curve as it wasn't a straight shot across (if you get my meaning).

At this point my temper boils over. I grabbed onto the steering wheel (while we're at a full stop) shake and throttle it while "sounding my barbaric yawp" as Walt Whitman put it. It didn't accomplish anything other than making me feel better. Once I did that, I felt a calm wash over me and we proceeded on. My daughter sort of looked at me and asked me "Feel better now?".

And truthfully, I did.

At the end of the day I achieved my goal, that of completing my Christmas shopping. Outside of a couple of stocking stuffers (chocolates and the like). Christmas gift getting 2013 is a done deal. Mission accomplished.

Now I just have to wrap all this shit.....

One Last Glimpse,


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