Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Final post of 2013: Bring on 2014!

Words of advice and words of counsel to take with you into 2014:

A few token no brainers:

1. Buckle up for safety! (my Grandpa Cecil always told my sister and I this every time we'd drop him off after a visit).

2. Don't drink and drive. (Simple right???)

With those out of the way...we forge forth.

3. Don't take any wooden nickels! (Another from my Grandfather -- who one year for Christmas, gave both my sister and I wooden nickels in our stockings)

4. "All you can eat" can be some of the worst words to ever string together, just like "Mega Family Size". Sometimes you just need to say NO! (Your waistline, heart and knees will thank you later -- but I will concede... it often tastes SOOOO good at the time! LOL)

5. Durantime means just that. No set time. Whenever Duran gets around to it...and even if they give you a set time/date/month doesn't mean squat. Get used to it. (And while you're at it -- shut up about it, they still don't OWE you anything)

6. Judge yourself a little less and love yourself a little more. (I'm talkin' to you string-bean!) (Calling someone "String-bean" is a term of endearment from my Dad...He often refers to people he loves as that or "Sweet-pea")

And finally...and quite possibly the most IMPORTANT words of wisdom I could possibly give you:

7. Just because coats CAN float....doesn't mean they SHOULD float, no matter how much they beg or want to leap into pools of water randomly -- not every restaurant has their own dryer to toss your coat into to try to dry it out. (I'm just sayin!)

Safe and happy 2014!
Catch you on the flip side!

One Last Glimpse,


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