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Website Obsessions - What I've followed in 2013

I thought I'd do something a little different for this entry, and I'll likely explore this again in the future. I know we all do our own web surfing, places we like to explore and look at. I love it though when someone shares a good or kitschy website that's a little less populated and a whole lot under appreciated. Some of these fall under that category, some don't -- but all are very cool, very interesting and each have something fantastic share. I have collected together some of my favorite websites to check out. Some would have definitely crossed your path. Others... not so much with the crossing paths, but they are outstanding in my opinion and need to be shared. So, let's get on with this shall we?

Phoenix's Phenomenal Food Inventions 
Phoenix...A young chap who is all of 8 years of age, who has a panache for the culinary arts. He's quick with recipes, ideas, knows what he likes and what he doesn't -- and hopes that you'll like it too! Don't worry guys it's nothing like peanut butter and oysters or anything like that. These are tried and true recipes, complete with instructions, photographs and a review of his own skill and abilities. Check it out! You won't be disappointed!

Julie Anne Rhodes' Personal Chef Approach
Julie Anne Rhodes is a Personal Chef. She teaches the tricks of the trade in how to use her revolutionary PCA (Personal Chef Approach) to feed your family healthy, nutritious meals for that busy family on the go. With Julie Anne's help of weekly menus, meal planning, recipes and hands on help from Julie Anne herself, it's a helpful and beneficial website...not just beneficial on your time, but on your pocket book as well.

This site should come with a warning label. **WARNING: ADDICTIVE!!** You can pretty much look up anything on this site. Photographs to look at, Photographs for ideas, Photographs that lead to websites for how-to's. Photographs that lead to websites on where to purchase the items you were looking at in the first place. ADDICTIVE. I love it.

For whatever reason, I have always loved looking at other people's photos. Their travels, their good times. Even if I had no clue about who the people were, where the places were or what was going on at the time - I LOVE looking at photos. This little gem feeds that addiction. Not only can I look at photographs that other people have taken, but I can follow people (much like Twitter, Pinterest or Facebook) and see the photos that they have taken and comment on them as well! Luuurrve!!!

Messy Nessy Chic
Ahhh Messy Nessy. This little gem was shown to me via Facebook by my friend Rachel I believe. It had an entry about an apartment in Paris (I think?) that had been abandoned since World War 2 - everything in the apartment had been left EXACTLY the way the owner had left it all those years ago. Old letters, artwork, magazines...a life frozen in time. It FASCINATED me. Since then, this little website has had entries about the 1920s, urban decay, abandoned buildings, cities and the like. Very cool.

Beautiful Colours - Deena Roth - Photographer
Deena Roth has a fantastic eye for photography. Period. She captures colours, expression, emotion in a single shot. Her world travels are bright, emotional, colourful and expressive - much like the photographer herself. See the world through the lens of Deena Roth. Anyone can take a picture but, Deena Roth knows how to take a photograph.

Jewelry by Jodi Zulueta
Jodi Zulueta makes some beautiful jewelry. She tailor makes every piece she sells, and will do custom pieces as well. As a large fan of the TV show Supernatural, she enjoys making pieces revolving around the show. Her blog entries speak of her travels to different Supernatural conventions, and the times she has there. It's a great, fun website. This great lady has so much talent it is evident that a piece of her heart goes into every item she makes. Once you're done reading her fun and funny entries - you can check out even more of her wonderful pieces (not all orientated towards Supernatural) at her Etsy shop.  Eldwenne's Etsy Shop 

Drums, Guitars, Tattoos & Guyliner
These ladies know how to rock. Hands down. And they have a great time doing it. See rock and roll through their eyes. Keep up on the latest tours, interviews and album releases with these ladies. You may even learn some new music, or new bands along the way! (I know I have!) They review albums, concerts and share some of their personal photos taken from gigs along the way! Rock on!

You can find Drums, Guitars, Tattoos & Guyliner, Beautiful Colours Photography, Eldwenne's Fantasy, Messy Nessy Chic and Personal Chef Approach all on Facebook and/or Twitter.

I hope you guys enjoy checking out some of these websites. Like I said, some you've probably heard of, some maybe not. But all have something to offer...check 'em out!

One Last Glimpse,


***If you don't see your website/blog listed here - don't worry...I'll be doing another entry like this early spring.***

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