Friday, 20 April 2012

Butterflies and Gravestones

The other night I was sitting at work, and I said to myself "Self..." (And I knew it was me because I recognized the voice) "You should text your sister in law haven't talked to her in about a week, you're due. Maybe she'd like to go 'see' Brad with you at the cemetery on Friday.(today)" I picked up my phone, at which point it vibrated -- I had a text from Mary.

This is not the first time Mary and I have done this to each other, but it made me laugh none the less and so I texted her saying "I was just thinking about you". She said she was listening to music and randomly the song "Remember when" came on. It has played prominently in my our little circle just before and since Brad's passing so the song seriously holds some heavy duty meaning. I laughed and said "Did you want to come to the funeral with me on Friday?" to which of course she replied "yes".

This afternoon she came to pick me up and Jessy, Mary and I went over. Mary's Mom is buried kiddy-corner to Brad so it was nice to visit with them both and spend some time. As we stood there; by the two graves; we noticed these (what started off as just two) butterflies 'chasing' each other but they kept "buzzing the tower", they'd fly real close and then whip away at the last minute. We kind of laughed about it at first but then they kept doing it. It was wild.

We stood, we laughed...we was nice you know? I think we each needed to do that. Jessy hadn't been since Brad's death - and I think she thinks about going, but certainly doesn't want to go alone, and I can understand that you know? It was so super hard on her when Brad passed away, she was completely brokenhearted. 

We mostly stood and talked to and about Brad while these two butterflies zipped around us, until we went to leave. It was not until then that we noticed about 20 or more of these little miniature monarch-looking butterflies all around us. They actually followed us back towards Mary's car. It was crazy. We're used to seeing the deer, or geese, squirrels or rabbits in the cemetery, but not a flock/swarm of butterflies. It was beautiful, very peaceful and serene. It was almost like his way of letting us know that he was there, listening and okay. And I'm okay with that.

One Last Glimpse,


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