Monday, 16 April 2012

Deadmau5 and Duran Duran

Please keep in mind, as with all my blog entries, these are just my own thoughts. I don't expect everyone to agree with me, or even remotely subscribe to the same ideology. If by some serendipitous fortune we do - fantastic! But, it would be a boring world if we all thought alike. 

John Taylor has a habit of linking music that people may not have already discovered on their own, of turning people onto new music that he enjoys and has discovered, as a musician I think that's great!! A lot of musicians would be very self centered and egocentric and be "There's just MY music out there". But not John. He likes to share the little nuggets of greatness he comes across with the fans and I think that's fantastic. Some of the stuff he shares truthfully (for lack of a better way to put it) just doesn't strike a chord with me, I'm indifferent and it doesn't move me in the slightest. But others...are fantastic and I can't believe I haven't discovered them before! And I thank him for that.

Recently, John tweeted this video link. Being that this is and was one of my all time favourite Duran Duran songs; the one that started it all actually; I was leery to watch it - Was it a remake of my beloved "Girls on Film" by another band?? Was it a remix??? However, my thought was, if John, who helped write the damn song, tweeted it - it must be pretty good then. So, I watched it. I think personally it's a fantastic remix/mash-up. It's still Simon singing with some of Duran's background, but it's a mash up of Duran and Deadmau5. I suppose the reason I was leery is because I just don't like the things I really love fucked with too much.

I have to say...I love this video. Whoever did the video for this mash up (and the mash up in general); which has elements of the original still in it (film being strung across in the camera, etc); did a great job! It's also got this....Emo goth Girl Panic! on crack aspect to the video too. Which I quite like. Very dirty and gritty effect to it. Biker boots, bitches, blades, tats and sexual overtones. What's not to love?

I think it's great to get a second set of eyes on something you've created. It can evolve into something you never expected it to. And while some fans of either Duran or Deadmau5 might not enjoy the accompanying video, quite frankly aside from the original "Girls on Film" video...I can't imagine anything better.

One Last Glimpse,


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