Monday, 30 April 2012

Is this really what it's come to?

Let me make perfectly clear by writing this blog entry, I am NOT bullying, teasing or taunting ANYONE. I'm not calling ANYONE out by name (even though I well and truly could) and it is all said without prejudice. These are my OWN opinions on the matters at hand (since I am currently merely an outsider in this), AND if you want to be a mature, RATIONAL person and discuss these matters further, I would be glad to do so. I WILL NOT argue, nor will I name names specifically. That's NOT what this piece is about. It's simply to speak my thoughts on the latest goings on and my own views and opinions on the ongoing drama over the last few months that is Social Networking.

Did you ever meet one of those people who are so completely vapid and clueless you wonder exactly how they manage to function? You know the ones, they come off as so daft and away with the birds you wonder if they're pretending or is this person REALLY this stupid?  Maybe they're seriously that good of an actor that they can deceive that many people into thinking that they're that clueless? Or are they secretly a manipulating mastermind who is a puppeteer pulling the strings? Sometimes; sadly; it's hard to in the "real world" looks can be deceiving. Until you meet a person face to face, you never really know exactly if they are who they seem to be...and sometimes even then, it can be questionable.

Social networking is both a blessing, and one of the most fantastic headaches and perpetrators of drama and stupidity of our time. I have met some truly amazing people both via Twitter, Facebook and other online resources who have had a profound impact on my life. I have also encountered some untold stupidity and seriously twisted people whose sense of reality is boggling. I have been very lucky to have had some unbelievable experiences; via these resources; with people I have idolized for years, that had you told me me would have happened to me even two years ago, I would have looked at you like you were completely off your rocker. But now, while still's great - for the most part. Don't get me wrong - I CERTAINLY don't take these 'celebrity' interactions for granted by any stretch of the imagination, they're still just people after all.

But there are the people who go to great lengths to manipulate, belittle, torture, stalk, bully, berate, and threaten people, and THAT is unconscionable.  Or the latest that JUST happened...sending bullshit "anonymous" in-boxes saying that (in this case) John had OD'd and died? REALLY?? I mean how old ARE you? It's pretty bad when legal action must be taken and explored to bring it all in line and protect oneself. Then there's the people who blame others (who are actually the ones who are causing all of this to begin with) for the fact that some of these celebrities (who brought us all together in the first place) don't as Tweet or Facebook as often as they once did. Do you honestly blame them? I sure don't. These people who are at the center of this likely don't either, because it's far easier to blame other people than it is to blame yourself for your behaviors. It's a sad, sad situation that said celebrities who are unknowingly at the center of all of this crap are now losing interest in a community they should and WERE once upon a time very embedded in. I'm sorry, but there is no way that they DON'T KNOW about all this drama and crap that's been going on, it's near impossible. And if you don't see that then I'm sorry that's where we'll have to agree to disagree. I think Duran (in this case) is PAINFULLY AWARE of what goes on within their community, and truthfully I think that's why John doesn't tweet as often as he used to, and that's a shame.

It's true, nut cases are everywhere.

When I originally joined Twitter, it was because of a (now former) friend of mine. It was where he was, so I decided to make an account so we could better keep in touch. When he and I terminated our friendship after 20 years, I remained on Twitter as I had found other people (that were not on Facebook at the time) that I had interest in, Duran Duran being chief among them, as far as celebrities went (at the time).

I had also stayed as I had met some people (even a few in "real life") that I would go to the ends of the earth and back for if they asked me to without a moments hesitation (You know who you are). People that I can truly trust with me and who I really am at my very core without fear of reprisal, condescensions, or mockery.  (And being TEASED is different when it comes from someone who truly cares about you, than when it comes from those who don't). Then there are those that are on the complete opposite end of the scale, ones that truly leave my mind boggling and reeling as to their reasoning, grip on reality and actually questioning their mental stability. I'm certainly not claiming to be the most sane person in the world, but seriously people - you know what I mean.

I've watched people I 'know' - GOOD PEOPLE - be berated, bullied, belittled for various reasons. WHY? What purpose does it serve?? Perhaps it was because they've met Duran, received tweets (numerous times) from the guys, etc, etc, etc . Stupid reasons really. Childish ones. Is that really worth THREATENING someone over??  I don't think it is, it's so grade school. The mentality of 'They like you more than me (seemingly) so I'm going to hurt you for it'. REALLY? Holy shit. What is lacking in your life that much that you feel the need to create such drama? Why do you feel the need to play the "They don't tweet me", "I'll never meet them", "I suck" drama cards? Only to have people coddle you and tell you 'you're not a horrible person'. Maybe you're not a 'horrible person' but you're no innocent either that's for sure.

If this was once in a blue moon it would be one thing, but ladies and gents this is an ongoing bullshit ordeal. I mean come ON. REALLY?? Grow the fuck up. There are people who have serious real life issues and I am NOT by any stretch lumping these people all together under the same category. Not in the least. There are those who; by reasons beyond their control; have a horrendous life at the moment - shit upon shit being dealt to them, and they're struggling through it. Okay yes, I'll agree, no one likes to feel like they suck and their life is going no where. But there's a vast difference between being that way one minute behaving like your life is ending one minute and then like a light switch flipping and being an extreme opposite happy go lucky, top of the world personality. That my friends is someone who needs to be on some serious medication. No one changes moods that quickly...NO one. And yet...I've watched it happen time and time again.

And people are leaving Twitter in DROVES because of the bullshit, the drama, the bullying, the lies...and they shouldn't have to, nor should they FEEL like they should have to. I haven't been bullied (yet) but even if I HAD been I have NO intention of leaving Twitter or changing my handle. Period. And if my writing this blog entry brings it be it.

Here's the bottom line...fuck with me and mine and that's it. Period. End of. We'll have nothing further to say to each other. I'm not sure what you think you are or WHO you think you're SUPPOSED to be...but seriously grow up and get a life. I suspect by weeks end I will have done a serious Twitter cull...I'm that done. There are people out there; and they already know who they are; who need to seriously get a life or get some help.

Again, if by me writing this entry, you want to try to berate, threaten, or bully me all means...have at it...I'll be pleased to introduce you to my block button or better my husband...who has PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). And that's no threat...that's a promise.

In the end, it's a shame. It's a shame that a handful of people think it's fun or funny to do what they are doing. We were and are supposed to be unified and united by the five (the guys) for the one (the music). Not ripped apart by it all.

One Last Glimpse.



  1. It's been an eye opener to see how fucked people can be, that's for sure. I keep deleting anyone who talks about nothing but DD and refuse anyone who has anything about it in their request to follow info. It's too much

  2. Well said. I haven't been on Twitter in about 9 months, partly because I'm not a chatty type person and that's all Twitter is (words, words, ... so many words), but also because of the stupidity, insanity and pettiness. I wonder if people's love for Duran Duran really does cause them to regress to the mental and emotional state of an 11 year old.