Saturday, 14 April 2012

Just another day at the funny farm

Part two Kristina!!! 

I arrived at work on Thursday to line ups from hell. I was bewildered as to why since gas the 2 other gas stations near by were virtually the exact same price we were. I went inside and realize there are no less that 6 people lined up inside to pay for their gas (I work at an 8 pump station - two of which are pay at the pump only). On Wednesday the debit/credit system had been down so I thought maybe it was a similar situation. However I came to understand that was not the case, so now I'm confused. My co-worker is an inept dumbass backstabbing bitch...but if I'm being 100% she's not completely incompetent (and if you ever repeat that...I'll deny it).

Then I come to find out some woman (elderly) had fallen in the last 10 minutes (just prior to my arrival)and smacked her head (she ended up being fine - her son took her to the doctor). So everyone who has witnessed this (including my co-worker) are a little frazzled. Understandably so. She's also fielding calls from the manager and answering her questions about the incident. She doesn't multitask well, so this isn't helping her decompress and shake the stress of that whole moment. And it shows. I actually pulled her off the till 5 minutes early because it was noticeable she was visibly shaken by what went down.

We continued being busy for the rest of the night and I had line ups. For the most part people were levelheaded and calm - which isn't always the case. HOWEVER...that does not mean that idiots didn't run amok. Starting with my co-worker...I understand that she was stressed and unnerved watching someone smack their head off the pavement makes me nauseous...but, why not take the five or ten minutes in the back when your shift is done for yourself before you do your paperwork? Take a moment, decompress, calm yourself, shit have a crying jag if you need to - BUT when you have been asked, told and all but written up about taking your till into the back to count it...DON'T take it into the back to count it. But what did you do? Yep that's right boys and girls, she took it into the back to count it. And I know; my dear co-worker when you're confronted by Shannon whenever that happens; you're going to say you had a headache, you were stressed and you needed to take a moment after the events of the day.

Yes, I told Shannon what she did. I felt like a TOTAL piece of shit, and like I was throwing her under the bus... but truthfully if I didn't...and Shannon pulled the video of that time frame for the accident report (Which she HAS to by law to cover her own ass) she would have seen it, and wondered why the hell I didn't say something. Either way, I'm not getting in shit because my co-worker is a total dumbass. Not to mention the fact that Alan pointed out that my co-worker would have zero problem with telling Shannon if I had done it.

The rest of the night was work. Typical idiots not grasping the understanding of "Pay at the pump" and of course the ever popular engaging the security feature so NO ONE can pay at a pump for at least a half hour until it resets itself. Always a good time. Fuckin dumbasses. I mean difficult is it to understand "Insert the card, stripe to the right and leave it. Follow the prompts on the screen and THEN remove your card and lift the nozzle"? I KNOW I'm speaking English because really -- other than sarcasm and sexual innuendo that's all I speak.  But ohhh no I got on the PA system and repeated the SAME spiel to this guy FOUR TIMES and THEN he came in and I told him AGAIN. It's not a case of me not speaking English, it's a case of people either not listening or not paying attention to what I'm saying because they couldn't be bothered to listen.

And don't even get me started on the pylons people have been driving over or nudging out of the way with their cars. Listen you fucktard asshat shitpumps the pylons AREN'T there for decoration because we felt the parking lot could use some sprucing up with a little bit of orange for a punch of colour. They're covering SPECIFIC spots that could seriously fuck up your car if you drive over what they're covering. So unless you want your car fucked up stop driving over the pylons and shoving them out of the way...I mean hey on over them! Go ahead! Jackholes.

I'm just glad I'm off for the next couple of days so I don't have to bitch slap anyone....well no... let me I don't have to bitch slap a customer. I may still bitch slap someone, it leaves me open for fun.

One Last Glimpse,


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