Tuesday, 18 September 2012


 Sorry kids...friendly ~K has taken a break for this entry and the nasty, bitchy, sarcastic ~K has taken her place.


Perhaps I'm in the minority here...but...I'll never ever understand why fans of various bands/actors/etc find the need to slam whichever person they are the fan of's boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband/significantother/fuckbuddy.  I get tired of the drama and the stupidity. I mean really, does it make you feel better in any capacity for saying the things you do? Will it get you any further in the day? Will it make him/her yours? The answer...is most likely...is no. No, it will not. I get the whole catty thing, I get the whole sit around and pick apart the woman the man you admire/lustafter/haveafantasyrelationshipwith is with. I'm a chick. I get it. But this goes to a whole different level. Seriously.

I mean come on...for the love of the GODS show a little decorum, tact and fucking class for fuck sakes. Do you really know this person? No. You only know what the rumor mill has churned out. Have you met this person? Perhaps. For more than 30 seconds? No. Not likely. Honestly, how would you feel being bombarded or harassed with questions by some random person, you don't even know...but likely wants some sort of contact with your significant other? Would you be skeptical, put off, or stand offish? I know I likely would be. 

The fact that some of these women have bodies to die for, the men you lust after (or in some cases even delude yourself into the fact that you're having or have had a relationship with these people), and a seemingly endless supply of money, clothes, and access to "your man" doesn't mean that that world is everything it's cracked up to be. Yes, fine...they've seen them naked. Had sex with them. Kissed them. Done all the naughty little fantasies you can only dream of. But they've also had to deal with their snoring, farting, underwear and socks left on the floor, and leaving the toilet seat up too.

A wise woman once told me "At the end of the day ladies and gents...EVERYBODY shits." That little factoid in place puts it into perspective. It doesn't make them any better, or worse than you or I. They're just people. And just because the women have what you want...doesn't make them a bad person. You don't know them...obviously if these people are with them and have been for more than 50 seconds...they find something in them attractive and worth loving.

Bottom line: Who the hell are you to judge? Would they EVER condescend to speak about your partner (assuming you have one) the way you speak about theirs?  The word you are searching for is an unequivocal and resounding NO they would not.

I dunno...maybe I was raised differently...you know...with morals.


One Last Glimpse,


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