Monday, 10 September 2012

NYFW Spring/Summer 2013: Skaist-Taylor

This week was New York Fashion Week. Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond my control, I wasn't as on top of this one as I was last year. I saw some of the stills from the Skaist-Taylor line, which is of course as obsessively, eccentrically charming as the lovely super-twin spirit sisters who put the line together; Pam Skaist-Levy and Gela Nash-Taylor.

Skaist-Taylor are not new to the fashion game or the runway, the two are the genius behind the Juicy Couture line. The Skaist-Taylor line though different, is just as playful as the former, however it has evolved into something uniquely different. It's bohemian and eccentric California vibe bring richness in its textures and lines. With flashes of New Romantic era (perhaps inspired by Nash-Taylor's husband John Taylor of Duran Duran and the band's original new romantic days), the colours are rich and playful, cheery and sunny, sultry and sexy without even really trying to be. They are unique and vivacious and truly Skaist-Taylor. (Neiman Marcus for Skaist-Taylor)

No. I'm not a fashionista...but I know what I like. You're probably also saying to yourself "Yes...but you're a Duranie and Skaist-Taylor has ties to Duran". Very true. That isn't something Skaist-Taylor tries to escape. For the second year running Nash-Taylor's husband had hand in the soundtrack for the show. But on a personal note I reiterate "I know what I like".

On a side note:
If by chance however you are on a much more strict budget (and lets face it, many folks are these days) you can put your own Skaist-Taylor inspired line together.  Thrift shopping is a brilliant way to put together what LOOKS to be a chic, expensive look for a fraction of the cost. Tracey over at Pop Trash Beauty put together this video: Broke Chick Fashion Night Out helping fashionistas on a budget with helpful suggestions to put your own signature look together!

So go on and express yourself! Have fun with whatever it is you may come up with!!

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