Thursday, 20 September 2012

You wanna run that by me again?

I log into Facebook as I do pretty much everyday (multiple times a day in fact...hello I'm Kendra...I'm a social networking-aholic). And I begin reading what's going on in "Other Peoples Lives" (sorry). Ahem...ANYWAY...I stumble upon the speech that John gave at his former High School that he went to just the other day to visit. And in it I read the following:
"Now, in the spirit of full disclosure I need to make an admittance to all you music students: I cannot read or write music. And I was thrown out of my high school music class for singing out of tune."
 Wait, woah back the truck up a second here...CANNOT READ OR WRITE MUSIC??? Are you KIDDING ME?? I was completely gobsmacked and dumbfounded by this statement. It gave me the thought that not only does he must play by ear but he also seemingly reaffirms my thought that from the moment he picked up the bass, he was not only destined for greatness, but is (in my opinion) a prodigy in the sense he cannot read or write music...and yet can play...the way he does by instinct and by ear. That just blows my mind.
 Let's take for example their debut song "Planet Earth". That is one HELL of a melodic bass line for someone who doesn't read or write music. We won't even go into "Girls on Film". The mind just boggles.
I think my question after reading the line: "And I was thrown out of my high school music class for singing out of tune.". Would be..."Now Mr. Taylor...did you actually learn to sing later and actually sang out of tune at that point in time...OR did you do it on purpose as a lark, so you could spend more time loafing off teaching yourself to play guitar so you could become an icon and a pop superstar?".
In either case...the mind reels. I can only hope; whoever his music teacher was at the time; was still alive to see what he made of himself. And in the was John who has had the last laugh.
One Last Glimpse,

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