Saturday, 15 September 2012

R.I.P. Adrienne

Please note this entry is an emotional one. There is language, adult content and of course my own personal opinion.

Assuming there is a heaven....a new angel unfurled her wings this week. My friend Jeff's younger sister Adrienne passed away the other night after a lengthy battle with cancer. I'm sorry but it wasn't God's will, and it certainly wasn't quick. It was painful and torturous for someone who certainly didn't deserve the anguish she went through. Was it God's will that these children not have a Mother to raise them? Where is the humanity or the will in that? If that's the idea this so called "gentle God" has in store. I want none of it.

Adrienne was a spirited elven pixie-like person. That's truly the only way I can think to describe her. Knowing her from the time I was 16 (she was 12 or 13 at the time) I was there for her first period, her first boyfriend, her first kiss. She was painfully shy as a young teen that blossomed later on into a beautiful woman.

 Jeff, Rose (Mom), Rick (Step Dad) and Adrienne

She was/is the mother of two beautiful children Gavin and Gracie. Who have (sadly) never known their Mother to be healthy. They've always known this poor woman who has laid in a bed with little to no hair, little to no life. They don't remember her getting down to play Tonka Trucks with them on the floor or reading them bedtime stories. They don't remember her walking them in the pram, push chair or stroller. They have little, to no recollection of their mother. And that is a shame. All they have is our memories and our word for the kind of person she was.

The funeral is next weekend, Adrienne's husband has decided he wants the affair to be "immediate family only". None of the cousins not even Adrienne's best friend are invited. She didn't want an impersonal routine service however I feel this isn't what she would have wanted either. And yes I get it...Mike was her husband, but I'm sorry shouldn't her Mom and Dad have a say too?? Apparently many in Jeff's family disagree with Mike and feel the same way we do, however none will say anything to Mike as I think they fear that he; now that Adrienne is gone; will prohibit their contact with the children if they don't do as he says. It's a tragic situation all the way around.

                                                        Adrienne, Mike, Gavin and Gracie

Mike told Alan when Jeff was here last that visiting with Adrienne was family only. Who the hell is he to say we're NOT family? He said to Alan "If you're family where were you the last three years?" I'm sorry... where were you when she had her first period/boyfriend/kiss/marriage?? MOREOVER where where you during your OWN marriage while your wife was suffering with cancer? Oh that's were fucking around with at least ONE other woman. Where were WE??? Where were YOU asshole when your wife needed you?? Fuck off.


I'll miss Adrienne. Terribly. She was a unique person and had a very special light about her. One that was snuffed out before her time. Sleep well elven sprite, you've earned your wings. Go give 'em hell and shake up the joint like only you can. Love you. Always.

With a heavy heart.
One Last Glimpse,



  1. So a tragic situation gets even more tragic. Wow... I am just speechless. I am so sorry Kenny