Sunday, 9 September 2012

The Social Media Connection

I enjoy social media. I do Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. I enjoy blogging (obviously) and reading others blogs: Julie Anne Rhodes (an amazing blog and new way of creativity in the kitchen, full of healthy foods and ideas and a BRILLIANT way to save time and money by using the Pampered Chef Approach as well as some insights into the wonderful, fabulous lady Julie Anne herself), My Latest Obsession (A blog of travel, teaching, concerts and insights by a dear fellow Duranie and friend Deena), Pop Trash Beauty (Art, Make-Up, Fashion, Song and Fun by the lovely and wonderfully quirky Tracey), The Suzi Parker Files (A little Politics, A little Duran and some humor from the fantastic Suzi Parker) , Hazelz World (Travel, Health, Fun and Fitness by the illustrious Hazel) and of course Drums, Guitars, Tattoos and Guyliner (Concert and music blog, a conglomerate effort by many amazing individuals, including myself which I am proud to be a part of) just to name a few. I do something called Wish occasionally as well but I think it's a wannabe version of Pinterest and haven't gotten into that much either, only because I find Pinterest far superior. I never was into My Space and I haven't  gotten really into Tumblr although I have an account. I don't get it, I find it disjointed and confusing. My eldest daughter Jessica is far more into it than either Facebook or Twitter I think and perhaps it's something for the younger sect, but personally I don't get it.

When I joined Twitter, it was to connect with an old friend who I had lost contact with. They (at that time) really didn't use Facebook that often (as I did), so I said that I would make a Twitter account. I don't use Twitter as often as I used to with the exception really to make the odd comment here or there on someone else's tweet. Mostly it's used now for me for communications with or information from the Duran camp. That's not to say I don't LIKE Twitter. Far from. In fact, I have some wonderful memories of occurrences on Twitter. Tweets from Simon, Duran and John for example although I must admit one of my favourites has to be something John did for me. (Or at least that's how I like to think of it)

When Duran was on their mini tour promoting the All You Need is Now album, they were in the states and Canada doing SXSW (South by South West), Coachella and other club dates. John at one point just prior to getting to Canada tweeted that he had just received a gorgeous Hofner hollow body bass and that he would have to take pictures of it. A few days went past; John was Tweeting again; and I said to him something about pictures of his new bass that he had mentioned a few days prior. He replied to me saying he promised that he would take a picture of it at the venue that evening and post it. Honestly, I didn't know if he would and really thought nothing else about it, it was more of "if he does...he does" scenario but I was tickled he'd replied to me in the first place. I'm certain his timeline must explode when he gets online and it must be hard to keep up, I know it is for me and I'm not a celebrity! The venue that evening was (ironically) in Toronto (a mere 2 hrs from me, although I did not attend that show) at a club called The Phoenix.

Much to my thrill and surprise, he did just exactly what he promised. It is rare that I am rendered completely speechless as many will attest. I can recall opening the picture on Twitter and thinking "Holy crap, he kept his promise to me". I sat here, stunned and just stared. It's not a great picture, he looks tired and it's a little blurry...but he kept his promise to me. For someone he's never met, just me...a fan, coming from the man I not only crushed (and crush on) but also my musical meant (and means) the world. It honestly catapulted my desire to want to learn to play the bass into overdrive and has helped carry me through to fulfilling that desire.

John (backstage) April 25, 2011  Phoenix Concert Theater: Toronto, Ontario

I think it's the little things like that that make him (and them) so endearing. The little contact. The follow through of a promise and truthfully, that's not the only promise that John has made to me where he has followed through and made good. He's a genuine soul, a kind and sweet man by all accounts of those who have met him.

I'm grateful for social media for many reasons. For connection and opportunity not only with John and Duran, but also for creating wonderful friendships and having ways of maintaining those friendships with people I have "met" from around the world. There have been some truly wonderful and deep relationships and connections made thanks to these opportunities our technology has presented us and thanks also to the guys for the avenue in which to pursue those friendships.

One Last Glimpse,


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  1. Can you imagine what our lives would be like if there was no social media?! *Gasp* ;)