Saturday, 17 November 2012

Fear not dear readers I have returned!

Oh my friends, my lovelies, my minions! I've been woefully neglectful this month and for that I do apologize! It seems like November is careening along at breakneck speed spinning us ever so rapidly toward the end of the year and all that it entails.

I've been writing like a fiend and things seem to be going very well, at times I question as to if or not I am actually writing this story or if I am just the vessel that holds the pen. Either way, I am thrilled at my progress and continue to move forward with that.

Yesterday (November 15th) was my dear friend Natalie's birthday. We spent the afternoon together as we so often do on her birthday. We went out to visit her Mother, who from the moment I was taken home adopted me as one of her own. I adore her Mother, and her Father for that matter. We went for lunch at Costco and did some people watching as we often do. We took some time to leisurely stroll through the store and discuss things we'd like to buy if we could afford to and stared in childlike wonder at the Christmas decorations and lights.

Our final stop was Winners. If you don't know what Winners is...I can only liken it to something like Walmart...but (dare I say) higher class and less likely to make you want to put your foot up someone's arse. Here we browsed through clothes (of course) and looked at purses and hats and scarves. Even though it was Nat's birthday she insisted buying me a purse that I loved. Recently a friend of mine said "When people tell me there not a hat person , I simply reply you just haven't meet the right hat yet." I found this to be exceptionally true. I found not just one, but two hats I absolutely fell in love with. Unfortunately I am currently on a budget and I am sad to say neither hat came home with me yesterday. I'm hoping next week when I go back to the same store at least one will still be there waiting for me a dreamer!

It was a lovely day spent with someone I have known most of my life (we were 10 I think when we met), someone I am very lucky to call friend. 

One Last Glimpse,


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