Saturday, 24 November 2012

Of Christmas lights and the smell of rain

I love the smell of rain. I love how it hangs heavy in the atmosphere and you can feel it...smell it. It's fantastic. Another one of Mother Nature's beautiful things. Last night laying in bed, my dear husband had the window open as he's prone to do when we first go to bed. I don't mind, it cools off the room and makes me sleepy truth be told.

While we're lying there, having our regular chat about the day I make a remark about how it smells like snow. I guess I've noticed that before that snow has a smell, just like impending rain does...but I never verbalized it before. I guess it makes sense.

I don't mind snow truth be told. From now until New Years I like it. It's a pain in the arse, it can be a bitch to drive in...but it's just so damn pretty. When I was a kid I was horribly winter accident prone, and if I'm not careful...I'm still the same way now.

I'm dying to put up my tree and lights....but we usually wait until my youngest daughter's birthday on the 11th. It's our little family tradition that I like to stick by. We only have a few "family traditions" in my house, that is one of them.

When we were kids my Mom would always put the tree up on the 12th (My sister's birthday). We'd go out the night before my sister's birthday, pick out our tree from the Christmas Tree lot at the Canadian Tire on London Road in Sarnia and it would sit overnight and "open". The night of my sister's birthday we'd go out to dinner to celebrate (either to a restaurant or to my Grandparents house). My sister and I would go down to the family room to watch television, and then usually about half way through watching tv one of us would invariably go upstairs and my Mom would be decorating the tree. She never did it with us around as she always said we'd of been ripping all the decorations out of the boxes. Truth be told in retrospect KNOWING the decorations my Mom had (hand blown glass by Royal Dalton) I wouldn't have let me at them either! Only a few still exist between my sister and I, and they are treasured and treated like gold in my house rest assured.

Wherever you are, whatever you do my dear sweet readers....whatever you are doing for your holidays, whatever you may celebrate. I hope you have a wonderful season. Treasure your family and friends and the time spent with them. Love each other, remember to breathe and take deep breaths when others act a fool.

And if all else fails...stuff some mistletoe up their beak and say "look fucker - do you want to live to see New Years?"

One Last Glimpse,


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