Sunday, 31 March 2013

TV Mania: And a change of heart

--> When I'm right, I'm right... and when I'm wrong -- I try to keep it under the dark cover of night so no one ever sees and I don't have to admit it. Okay, no...when I'm wrong, I'm wrong and I admit it, occasionally....begrudgingly. In this case...I'm wrong. And I'll tell you why.

Let me start off by saying I have never denied the fact that he is an amazing musician. Never once. The cat can play, he knows his shit and he can make the most gorgeous sounds come from his guitar playing. After all, he did carve his niche into Duran's history - and lets face was an important one. If you haven't guessed by now (or even if you have), I am of course speaking of Warren Cuccurullo.

It's never been a secret that I didn't like Warren. For a few reasons I suppose, when he first joined, it was because he wasn't Andy who; at the time when Warren entered the picture; had only just left the band I had grown to love so much. However, I suppose my disdain and indifference for him was no different than my disdain and indifference for Sterling who replaced Roger. They weren't the Taylor boys and in my opinion (at the time) there was just no replacement for the original. I was an impressionable teenager, and these people who replaced the Taylors could never be as wonderful as Andy and Roger!!

But there was more with Warren, he was exceedingly egotistical. He was relatively attractive, with a nice body, and could play guitar. Credit goes where credit was due. And he did play guitar for one of the, if not the biggest band in the 80's. Who wouldn't have an ego, right? But a  little, goes a very long way.

Then of course there was the whole nudity, porn thing. I have NOTHING against nudity or porn. I'm far from a prude, I have watched a porn or two...hundred. No, I don't think it degrades women...but I digress, even for me it was a little too over the top down and dirty.  And a side(s) of him I didn't want to see. I saw it as an extension (pardon the expression) of his ego and his arrogance.

Warren no doubt made some beautiful music with Duran. Absolutely. It's undeniable so quite frankly, I won't even try. Come Undone, Ordinary World, Breath after Breath to name a few.

I'm sure you're wondering where all of this is going. Recently Katy's Kafe did an interview with "TV Mania" Warren and Nick's long gestated spin off project of Duran Duran. In listening to this special kafe I have to admit; much to my surprise; the more I listened to this interview (which was more like listening in on a personal phone conversation than anything else); the more Warren endeared himself to me. Was that possible? Was I beginning to actually *gulp* like Warren as a person? I have to admit, anyone who can make Nick Rhodes laugh that much and that readily and earnestly cannot be that bad.

The mutual admiration society was in full effect during this telephone interview. High praises of each other from both camps. It's very obvious to me that not only do they admire each other, but they enjoyed working with each other, and more over even though they are seemingly opposites, they get along famously.

So, I have a new found respect for Warren Cuccurullo. The porn still creeps me out to no end and likely always will. But the ego seems to have subsided, and Nick has a definite affection for the guy.

One Last Glimpse,


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