Tuesday, 1 May 2012

PROUD military wife (Ret.)

Recently on Facebook someone I went to elementary and secondary school with posted an image of a soldier (going on the uniform I'll SAY it's an American soldier but I'm not 100% on that either). Knelt beside someone on their stomach, beaten and holding their head up by the hair with the tag line: "I MURDER CHILDREN and your taxes pay for it and people think I'm a HERO. Silence is betrayal." and above it she wrote "War is Murder". Ummm what? No.

I am the PROUD wife of a retired member of our military. To lump a minute percentage of those who go off the rails and do unconscionable things with the true heroes of our military is disgusting. I was LIVID (and still am). I'm not a pacifist, I'm by no means an anarchist either though. But for her to post what she did is truly disrespectful in my opinion. She may as well wipe her ass with the flag, spit on it and set fire to it for lumping everyone together. And I'm also PROUD to say I can HAVE these opinions and freedom of speech BECAUSE my family and my husbands family and my husband fought for my right to do so.

After much writing, deleting and re-writing on my part (I saw RED at this post by her) this was what I managed to come up with as a reply:

"I'm sorry Linda that's where we'll have to agree to disagree. My husband is a VET of our Canadian Military who went to Rwanda in the 90's. If someone came at him with a machete - child or not; with the intent to kill; I would hope he would defend himself accordingly. And if that makes me a monster...so be it. My husband IS a Hero in my eyes...a piece of him was taken in Rwanda that he is JUST NOW finally beginning to get back. Hopefully someday I'll have the man I once married back to me. He did things, HORRIBLE things and SAW horrible things over there that was NOT his choice. But he is a hero none the less...just like his Grandfather before him who was behind enemy lines and at Juno beach in World War 2 fighting for our freedoms as well as many of my own relatives as well.

I realize the idea that this photo is portraying is VASTLY different than what I've just said - people who go on pleasure kills and what not while deployed. But you saying "War is Murder" -- it's sadly not that cut and dried in my opinion.

I'm proud of our military, what it achieves, what it does. It's that small percentage of people who make the headlines for doing unconscionable things that far overshadow those people who are the silent heroes in this world. Those who deserve the ticker tape parades and all the accolades but rarely get them."

She then went on to tell me she felt our military members were DUPED (her EXACT words) into signing on the dotted line. DUPED???? REALLY???? FUCK. OFF.

I realize everyone has the right to their own opinion. I'm certainly not knocking that. But when MY HUSBAND, my relatives, and friends relatives (whom THEY are proud of as well) and my husband's GRANDFATHER  who went BEHIND ENEMY LINES and was at Juno beach in World War 2 to defend our country so that we can HAVE the rights to say our own opinion essentially wipes her ass all over my countries flag that is where I draw the line.

I'm proud of my husband and the things he did, the scarifies he made. I'm proud of our true soldiers past and present who have served for Queen and Country, those who behaved the way they should, the silent heroes deserve more than just a pat on the back "job well done" and a ticker tape parade that will never come.

One Last Glimpse,


Addendum: Just because the person who this blog was about decided to continue on her Facebook this morning. Let me clarify one thing to her in case you ever read this. When I unfollowed/unfriended you it was NOT because of your beliefs (however misguided I think they are) on war and our military even though you think that is the case. Well no, that's not it at all. I unfollowed/unfriended you because you insulted my husband, and the proud military lineage of a multitude of people that I love and care for. A right that they fought for...for YOU. For YOUR RIGHT to have the opinions you do, you should be thanking our soldiers for not flipping them the bird. You can twist this whatever way you like, but make no mistake as to WHY I unfriended you.

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