Thursday, 10 May 2012

Journey through the music

Music has never let me down in the places it can take me. It's always been there for me like an old friend to lift me up or subdue me, whichever I require. It is as much of an art form as something like a sculpture or a painting. The beauty within it is in the eye of the beholder or listener, and not everyone sees and hears the same thing within a song as someone else. Its one of the few things you can look at from multiple facets and angles and hear something different each time or the same thing every time.

I'm at work, listening to one of my favorite artists Darren Hayes who was the lead singer for Savage Garden before they split. There's something about his voice (much like Simon's) that can be seductive, playful, simple, innocent, sultry and sexual within his lyrics and vocals that can invoke a response from me because of that talent. I can easily go from wanting to be playful and laughing to wanting to be seduced and bedded from one song to the next. That to me, takes talent. To be able to invoke such an emotional response in people. But then again I guess that's normal for art to make that sort of impression, after all it should...shouldn't it?

Once in a while a song will come along that has a more significant effect on me than others. Usually if I'm in the right mood it can leave me in a puddle of mushy blubbering mess. It can encompass, envelope, and coat me in splendor and I am enraptured.

Perhaps it's the melody, a drum beat, a bass groove, a guitar riff, or a keyboard/synth sound. Or sometimes it's none of these...sometimes it's a gentle drifting cello. Sometimes its something as simple as a heart felt lyric or all of the above put together. The end result is still the same.

There's only a handful of songs I have come across that have the ability to do that (depending on my mood of course, it's not every time). And they are among some of my favorites. Such is the case with a Savage Garden song titled "Two beds and a Coffee Machine". It's a song about abuse, the love, devotion and protection of children, and the confidence that no matter'll make it through if for nothing else...for them. It will be a hard road, but in the end as long the children are okay, everything else will be. I love this song for reasons I can't explain. I have no idea why I have such affection for this song. I mean yes, it's a beautifully written song, gorgeous piano and cello, but it is a HUGE Debbie Downer lyric wise.

That doesn't make the rest of the songs that don't have this effect on me any less great in my eyes. If it can evoke an emotion (assuming of course we're talking about a song that one enjoys) then the possibilities for its artistry are endless on the places it can take you to. Within the music somewhere is the key in it's simple melodious self to unlock the world.

One Last Glimpse,


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